Household Items that Double as Fashion Saviors

At one time or another, everyone suddenly finds themselves flat out of a certain component of their beauty and fashion must-haves. At other times, there are some issues that seem to have no ready solutions. With no time to spare (or to dash out to the store,) there could be salvation for your dilemma right where you are. Because so many others have faced the same issues, in the old Necessity is the mother of invention style, there have been some pretty amazing solutions to be produced by desperate women who know how to think fast in a pinch. The following hacks have withstood the test of time, and having proven successful, are being shared with welcome responses.

Woman ironing clothes.

Wrinkle Woes
If you ever find yourself in a mess of wrinkles, and with no iron to be found, don’t give up. You can use a hot hair tool to force the remedy. While wrinkle removal could take a little longer using the hottest setting on your hairdryer offers an excellent way to smooth out wrinkled clothing and make it look like it just arrived, fresh from the cleaners. Make sure to test the heat setting, as you don’t want to inadvertently burn anything. In some ways, a flat iron can get into spots that are difficult for a traditional iron, like in between buttons.

No Lint Roller to be Found?
There’s an excellent fix for removing hair and lint from your outfit, and it’s in your bathroom. Hairspray is your go-to here, when sprayed on a clean, lint-free cloth. Spray a generous amount and lightly rub over the affected area. That stickiness will remove lint and such, pronto!

Deodorant stain

Oh, NO! Deodorant Marks–AGAIN?
This relatively common problem occurs more often than you might believe, and if you’ve experienced it, you know how difficult removing these marks can be, often requiring you to change into something else, on the spot. Next time, use your pantyhose to make the marks disappear. Use it to rub the spot in tiny circles, and those telling marks will vanish.

This Button’s Gonna Give
You never expect the buttons on your clothing to suddenly become loose, but they can–and often with no provocation, being ones you don’t even use. This fix is probably what they should have attached them with, in the beginning, as it is absolute security for all buttons. Find a twist tie–they come standard with a myriad of products. You can use the one from a loaf of bread. First, strip the paper from the tie, and what you’ll have is a thin wire. Bent it into a “U,” and stick one end into a buttonhole, and another end into a separate hole. Stick both ends right through the fabric, aiming to use the existing holes made by the thread. Once sticking through and protruding from the back side of the fabric, gently twist a few times, making sure to tuck in the ends and you’re good to go!

Woman with a blister

When Those Gorgeous New Shoes Rub You the Wrong Way
The blister-producing capacity of shoes is not something you’ll just know, right off the bat. It might take a period of time wearing them before you discover this issue. A good way to prevent blisters right off the bat is to take a moment after slipping your feet into new shoes to identify any shoe-to-foot contact points that could possibly be problematic. You might even have particular foot anatomy that tends to rub against footwear to produce blisters. Deodorant to the rescue–Amazingly, by a preventative application of clear deodorant on your foot and the inside of the shoe where the correspondence is tight, and you’ll result in lubrication to prevent blister-producing friction from occurring.

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