How to Avoid Beauty Travel Disasters

What could be worse than dealing with a travel disaster, such as losing your luggage or winding up lost in the wrong terminal as your flight takes off? Dealing with a beauty travel disaster! For those fashionistas and beauty queens of the world who can’t muster the thought of dealing with your falsies falling off as your standing in line, or your lipstick, unbeknownst to you, smudging across your face, Lionesse has the article you need to read before you make the trip you’ve been waiting for.

Woman applying makeup

Keep Your Cosmetic Application Simple
When you’re traveling, you should always opt for keeping a simple, easy to maintain makeup application. Adding some color to the cheeks in the form of a bit of foundation and concealer as necessary, or a tinted moisturizer, coupled with a bit of bronzer is a great way to add to your look while keeping it simple. When you opt for a lip color, stick to a nude hue that complements your skin, adds a bit of color, while it won’t be noticeable if it gets smudged a bit. Add some mascara and a tight lined eye if you must. Or, opt for a gradient lip instead, which will provide a bit of color and add the appearance of a plumped up lip.

Business woman with a top knot hairstyle

Wear Your Hair in Simple Styles
Incorporating simple styles while you’re traveling is a great way to look stylish and chic while going on about your day. Some great travel styles are mid-head pony’s, long and straight, beach waves, or a messy top knot style.

Woman driving her car

Keep Your Hands Away from Your Face
One of the biggest beauty mistakes many women make are putting their hands on their face. Keep your hands away from your face, ladies! Your hands come in contact with many thousands of bacteria every single day; do you really want that in your pores? We thought not. Aside from that, touching your face can also smudge your products or even rub them off, calling for immediate reapplication. It may take some practice and getting used to, but your face will thank you for it.

Woman applying false eyelashes.

Avoid Going Glam
Unless you are attending some sort of special evening out while traveling, avoid going glam with your makeup. We know it can be exciting to explore the city or town you’re staying in and you want to look your best, but going glam requires lots of upkeep and much can go wrong – especially if you don’t have the products on hand for touch ups. This includes application of false lashes (tops or bottoms), rich lipstick hues, contouring, and the like. Keep it simple as stated above, and you won’t have to deal with the dilemma of fixing your falsies while mid walk down a busy sidewalk, or reapplying your lip color without a mirror while sitting on a train.

Woman in a cafe looking out of the window

Watch the Weather
Keeping your eye on your local weather conditions wherever you may be traveling to or have already arrived at will help to detail what type of look you should complete that day. Sometimes, it’s best to stick to the basics such as tinted moisturizer, waterproof mascara, and lip gloss, while other days, you might be able to get away with a neutral eyeshadow and foundation. If it’s going to be storming, you don’t want to make your face up, head out, and get caught with running makeup products streaming down your face. That isn’t cute on anyone. Ever.

Lionesse hopes this helpful article has given you some insight on things to avoid and things to do while out and about on your travels, and helps you to have a more relaxed time in the process.

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