How to Dress for Any Summer Wedding

Weddings that take place during the summer are quite popular in today’s culture. It seems like everyone knows someone who is getting married during the summer months. There are various wedding themes that people choose to have for their weddings, such as floral and garden inspired in an outdoor setting, or Victorian era themed, or perhaps a beach wedding – the list could go on and on. When the time comes to choose an outfit to wear to a summer wedding, it’s a safe bet that you, as a woman, will choose a dress. Is there a magical go-to dress that can work for any summer wedding? Well, indeed there is – and today, Lionesse would like to give you some pointers on choosing your dress to accommodate any summer wedding you may be attending.

Mint green dress for a wedding guest

Choose Light and Bright Colors
When you are making your dress selection, you want to keep your color palette light and airy like the summer months themselves. Choose colors that brighten, rather than darken. Darker colored dresses should be reserved for the cooler winter and fall months, rather than the summer. Colors such as white, off-white or cream, light pink, baby blue, pale yellow, or lavender purple.

Short dress as attire for a wedding

Choose a Shorter Dress
During the summer, you can surely get away with wearing a shorter dress to a wedding. Keep in mind the fact that you should always keep your dress as classy as possible, but nonetheless, you can go for shorter than to the knee. Mid-thigh is a good length for a wedding invitee dress.

Couple getting ready to go out.

Bring a Cover Up
You may be exposed to varying temperatures throughout the day and evening, and it might be a great idea to bring a cover up with you of some sort. Opt for something like a nice, soft cardigan or even a Pashmina of some sort to give yourself some warmth while looking stylish.

Woman with natural makeup

Opt for Natural Toned Makeup
Natural toned makeup is classy and just works for the summer months. No matter your astrological sign, what your skin tone is, where in the world you live, or what your normal cosmetic look consists of, this is a look that just can’t be beat and you can’t go wrong with. Be sure to add some bronzer to your look to give you a sun-kissed glow that screams “it’s summer time!” while keeping it subtle enough to look absolutely beautiful without being overstated.

Woman wearing diamond jewelry

Be sure to accessorize your dress with jewelry pertaining to the particular dress style you are wearing. Diamonds always look spectacular, no matter what you’re wearing. Pearls are also very feminine and classy. Other gemstones and jewels such as pink cubic zirconia’s, amethyst, Aquamarine, and Peridot are gorgeous additions to any ring or earring selection. Choose summer like colors to really give your outfit that added something.

Choosing a pair of shoes

As far as shoes are concerned, you can choose a strappy sandal with a short stiletto heel, or go for a pair of pumps or stilettos themselves. Be sure to wear something comfortable and stylish – but the most important thing is, be sure you can walk and dance in them. We recommend choosing a shoe with a platform, this gives achey dancing feet a little bit of cushion.

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