How to Tie Your Scarves Beautifully

Woman tying a scarf

Amazing, isn’t it, how some women just seem to have a magical knack for scarf-tying, and in so many different ways that winds up giving them an almost infinite number of possibilities for outfit accents from just one simple article? The truth be known, there’s really no magic to it–but more some savvy know-how that can be gained by anyone interested in exploring the art of scarf tying. Any woman armed with a few innovative scarf-tying hacks can automatically expand the perceptible size of their wardrobe, and in ways that others will be unable to notice–so they don’t need to tell them! There’s a money saving to be realized from having a nice scarf wardrobe, too, in that many forms of scarf tying replace the need to add any other form of neckwear at all–as in necklaces and broaches that cost money and are always more memorable.

Start With Substance
The basic prerequisite is that you really need to have a substantial scarf that you can start out with to begin with. There are more than a few scarves out there that are just too diminutive to ever become much more than a handy add-in to your purse for any sudden needs as a fashionable looking tissue. If you own any such scarves– generally measuring in the area of (minimally) anything under 20 inches square, and a minimum of 20 inches at their longest measurement–go ahead and relocate them with your purses, as the choice to go totally unadorned at the neck area is better than wearing an insufficiently sized scarf. Alternately, there are many wonderfully large scarves you can own that are wildly transitional in every possible way.

Party Idea
Scarf tying is a great party theme, and gives you and your friends an official reason to hang. Have each invitee bring at least one large square scarf, and additional rectangle shapes are welcome, too. So, starting with your big scarf, here are just a few to try. Get these down, and you’ll be well on your way. Keep that Google bar open and waiting at the party, for more scarf-tying fun ideas throughout the evening.

French knot scarf

The French Knot
When it comes to style, the French surely have knots and twists down. This one is a knot, unlike the French Twist we love for our hair. It’s super simple and looks regal! Just take the scarf and fold it in half. Place the scarf around your neck, just resting down to either side, with the halfway point on the half-folded scarf located at the back of your neck. Next, take one of the two loose ends to one side and pull that one over and under the loop of the scarf (on the other side. Now, pick up the second end piece and take this one under and over the same loop. Voila!

Scarf-Knot Necklace
For this effect, wrap the unfolded scarf around your neck, with either end hanging down to either side of your neck. With one side about 8-10 inches extended longer, take that longer end and wrap it around your hand on that side. Pull the end through to tie it into a loose knot. Pick up the other end of the scarf and put it through the knot you made on the other side, by taking it under the knot and then back over.

Necklace style scarf

The Necklace
This scarf effect works best with a fine, lightweight scarf, and looks particularly good when tied using a fully or corner-tasseled scarf. So easy and glamorous too! Begin with a long scarf, which you’ve folded in half lengthwise. Grab onto the diagonal corners at either end and tie them together in a knot. Next, place the scarf circle around your neck, with the tied ends in your front. Twist the scarf circle one time near your neck, and lift the far circle over your head to form a second measure of scarf encircling your neck.

Twisted Scarf Duo
This one is really fun and dimensional, too. Take two same sized, and vastly different colored/patterned scarves–like one with big, bold geometric shapes, and the other featuring a floral pattern, for instance. Place the two scarves together, back to back, making sure the (prettier) printed side is facing outward. Because you’re dealing with double thickness, keep your knot simple, to prevent too much bulk. You might loop around your neck once. Adjust your scarf to make sure that both sides are visible.

Beyond the Neck
Scarves can be tied as differently styled shawls and wraps that can transform many wardrobe pieces and give you a different piece. With a little practice, you’ll become a scarf-tying maven!

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