How to Wear Sparkles This Winter

Woman wearing sparkly gown.

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Get ready for a fashion blast this winter–with bling, luminescence, sparkle, and a host of metallics all coming your way, by route of the runways and catwalks that usher in the hottest trends of the fashion industry. Everything is included within this new “thing,” with everything and anything included, with the main requirement being that it must reflect, refract or otherwise keep the light alive by responding in an impenetrable manner. Metals, glitter, sequins and such are all a huge component of this year’s fashion lineup. This year’s sure to be a fun one, when it comes to making an exciting new, bold, flash of an appearance, everywhere you manage to show up. But no worries–it’s all really tastefully rendered, and with a little bit of help, anyone can join the sparkle revolution and watch how the world responds by lighting up faces, everywhere that sparkles happen to be.

So, Who Do Sparkles Belong to Anyway?
You thought sparkles only belonged to the Caboodle set–to young girls and occasionally on the red carpet? Think again! Sparkles are NOW, sparkles are IT, and this year, particularly, sparkles will designate the true fashionistas from the mere wannabes. And if you take a few seconds to think about it, haven’t you been noticing a new influx of sparkles in one or more various forms lately?  Well, folks born around the turn of the 20th (last) century would wholeheartedly tell you that generally speaking, they owned sparkles–and more specifically, sequins. Their birth era would put this generation at just the right age to wholly celebrate the roaring 20s, with all of the sparkle and glam ever to belong to a single generation, and probably, for eternity. Here’s how to invest a little sparkle in your life, without overdoing a thing:

No, this is not the name of a band or anything in particular, for that matter. It is a clever little catch phrase to hopefully aid you with one surefire way to do sparkles.  When you include sparkles in your ensemble, wearing dark colors rocks them best. Blacks, navys, deeper greens and dark purples all provide an ideal showcase for your bling — a source of sparkles.

Easy Does It
Overdoing the sparkles has been a chief contributor to the reasons that have given sparkles a bad rep. Rather than a light dusting of any type of sparkles all over, it’s best to concentrate on one, and possibly two (separated by distance) areas for your sparkle. Daytime sparkle is best done in one spot. It’s important that you give the eyes of your onlookers somewhere to focus, lasting more than a millisecond. With your sparkles all over the place, just being in your vicinity could prove upsetting to others. There are going to be some really trendy sparkle shoes this season, with a lot of sequined, rhinestone and metallic embroidered details. A good sparkle shine for days would be some bright red patent leather foot-bling. The sparkle belt is the best way to cinch the whole trend successfully, even if you do nothing else.

Create Balance
When sparkling, aim for some kind of over-the-top conservative contrasting element of your attire. This will not have them asking if you arrived in a horse-drawn buggy from Amishland, but it will give your sparkles a springboard for even more pizazz. Just works that way, go figure. Along the same lines, when you are planning on shining, keep your makeup matte.

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