Is Your Favorite Color Blue?

Woman wearing a blue dress

The fun thing about colors is the have so many different meanings and traits on their own.  There’s really a language of color that is used throughout the world.  Colors have always been looked at to represent different things in different cultures.  We thought it would be fun to take a peek at the traits and meanings of the color blue.  It’s a significantly used color throughout businesses, fashion, etc.  So what’s the deal with blue?  We’re dishing!

The Meaning of the Color Blue
The color blue is associated with many different things, most often people associate blue with the sky and/or the ocean.   However, the color blue has many other meanings behind it.  Some of the most commonly used words that are used to describe the meaning of the color blue include confidence, wisdom, loyalty, faith, trust, among many other positive emotions.  The color blue is truly associated with many positive emotions in human beings.

Personality Traits
If your favorite color is blue it’s believed that some of your personality traits include being reliable, trustworthy, sincere, sensitive to others, tend to be loyal, etc.  There are a lot of incredibly positive personality traits that are said to be related to those who favor blue as their favorite color.  It’s believed that a lot of this stems from the idea that colors have their own language and we’re drawn to certain colors that represent who we are as individuals.

Blue in Business
There are many, many businesses that use the color blue in their branding.  A lot of the reason behind why businesses love to use the color blue in their branding is because of the positive emotions associated with the color.  Feelings of trust, confidence, conservative, strength, peace, calm, among other feelings.  Because of all these positive emotions, many businesses realize this and want to convey those messages throughout their branding, the use of color is a great way to do that.  Because color has its own unspoken language it’s kind of like communicating to consumers through subconscious messaging.

Now that you know a little bit more about the color blue, you’re probably thinking about colors in general in a whole new way.  It’s fun to learn the different uses, personality traits and meanings behind certain colors.  Once you take a deeper look at the meanings and personality traits of the color blue, it really comes as no surprise that the color is so widely and heavily used in the business world.  If you take note and look around at different logos of businesses, you’ll probably notice how many actually use the color blue somewhere in their brand.  Now we know why!

If blue isn’t your favorite color, try doing an internet search to find out what your favorite color represents, the personality traits, and uses for it.  You may be surprised at how much you relate to your favorite color, and in ways you probably never imagined or thought of.

Is there anything that surprises you about the color blue?

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