Lipstick for Dark Skintones

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There’s something about putting on lipstick that just makes women feel more confident.  Regardless of your skin tone, it’s something women just love playing around with.  If you have a darker skin tone, you’re a lucky lady because you can pretty much rock any lipstick color!  However, if you’re on the search for that perfect lipstick color and just haven’t found it yet we’re sharing our favorite tips for finding the perfect lipstick for you.

Look at Your Undertone
Undertones play a huge role in makeup, especially lipstick.  This is because we have an undertone and so do the products, and finding a lipstick that flatters your skin color most means you’re going to want a lipstick that has the same undertone that you have.  There are SO many different ways to check your undertone but our favorite is the vein check.  Look at the veins in your arms.  If your veins are more olive and green you’re a warm undertone, if they’re bluer you have a cool undertone.  If your veins are a mix of the two, you’re a neutral – so you can go with cool or warm.  So, based on your undertones you’re going to want to search for lipstick shades that have those same undertones.  To further help a cool undertone beauty is going to want a lipstick that has a blue undertone to it, and a warm undertone beauty is going to want to look for an option that’s warmer, more on the peachy side for example.

Experiment with Different Hues
Darker skin tones really have the luxury of being able to wear pretty much any lipstick shade and look amazing.  Whether it’s berry, red, pink, coral, you name it you can rock it.  To help you narrow down shades that you like, it’s really going to take some experimenting.  Going to department stores and checking out the makeup department and trying on different shades is a great way to get an idea of which shades you like best.   Remember, the great thing about makeup is it’s not permanent so if you don’t love it you can just take it off.  Try a variety of different color families and see what you like best.  It doesn’t hurt to try, right?

Consider the Formula
There are so many different lipstick formulations available now, from matte to glossy and everything in between.  If you’re on the hunt for a must-have lipstick for you, think about what formula(s) you like the look of best.  Again, since you have the stunning skin tone you have you’re able to wear almost anything and look great.  The most popular formulas you’ll want to think about choosing between are matte and more of a glossy finish.  Matte formulas have burst onto the scene and beauty bloggers have been popping out look after look with matte lipstick, but it’s not for everyone.  Think about what you like best on your skin color and complexion.

What’s your must-have lipstick color that you just CAN’T live without?

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