Look Beautiful This Fall

woman wearing red lipstick

Ahhh, that crisp fall air.  There’s nothing quite like it.  There’s also nothing quite like fall trends with beauty and fashion.  Typically, the makeup trends change pretty drastically from summer to fall  – the weather is so different and we’re often attracted to darker more bold makeup.  We know you want to look beautiful this fall (and every season, let’s be honest), so we’re sharing some of our favorite makeup tips so you’re on-trend and feeling great all season long.  While makeup trends are traditionally pretty heavy during these months, you may be surprised at some of the biggest trends happening this season.

The Red Lip
There’s something about a bold, gorgeous red lip that always leaves us feeling chic and beautiful.  This fall season is no different.  Although there are so many different lipstick color trends and colors popping up on the lips of ladies this fall, we have to give it up for the red lip.  Even though it’s a lip color that’s been around for a while, it still feels fresh and updated this season.  The great thing about rocking a red lip is that you can keep the rest of your makeup pretty low key, but the pop of red really pulls your look together and doesn’t look as though you’re not wearing much makeup.  To really make the most of a red lip, pair a lip liner in a similar color to the lipstick and apply that first (especially to the outer corners and lining of your lip to really hold the color in place and make sure it doesn’t bleed.

Fresh Faced
Although fall and winter makeup trends tend to be heavier makeup, this fall, it’s more about the fresh-faced look.  Minimal face makeup is a major trend, and we love it.  There’s something really empowering about wearing minimal makeup and really celebrating your natural beauty.  This is the perfect season to do this!  Of course, to really accomplish this beautiful trend this season it means you’re going to really need to take care of your skin well.  Fresh faced, means embracing your skin – but let’s face it, when we’re not really feeling happy with the way our skin looks it’s hard to feel confident wearing minimal makeup.  Getting strict with yourself and your skin care routine is going to be a major help with this, and of course, make sure that you’re keeping your skin exfoliating and moisturized to really create that vibrant glow. Tinted moisturizers are a great way to get moisture into your skin as the temperatures change, while giving your skin a little bit of color.

woman with big eyelashes

Bold Lashes
Although makeup is overall a bit lighter this season, bold and luscious lashes are a statement maker for this fall.  To be able to really make the most of emphasizing your lashes, you’re going to want to make sure that you’re keeping your lashes healthy – be gentle with them and keep them clean when you don’t have mascara on them.  In addition, many experts actually suggest using the mascara wand horizontally when applying it to your lashes to really give them a boost of definition.

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