Loving Your Silver Locks

Woman with silver hair

Many women reach a point in their lives where they reach a road block.  To embrace the gray hair, or go with it?  It can be a big decision for some to embrace and love their silver locks instead of coloring them.  But with so many more women embracing, and loving their silver hair it’s giving the rest a little more confidence to make the plunge.  If you’re on the fence about embracing your silver locks just the way they are, we’re going to share a few ways to help you along the way with some suggestions!

Embrace the Long Locks
If you have long hair and you’re ready to embrace your silver hue, leave it long!  Long gray hair looks stunning, opting for a long bob or a layered look is a great way to celebrate the silver hues and add a fun cut into the mix.  Whichever option you choose, it’s wise to find a hairstylist that’s familiar with cutting hair to flatter gray hair.  This way you’re sure to end up with a style that’s catered to you and your hair color celebration.

If you’re just starting to love your gray hair, adding some lowlights in a darker color can be a great way to add some definition to your hair.  The lowlights can be a great transition because it continues to celebrate and enhance the natural silver in your hair, but just add a little darker hue lowlight can add enough definition to switch things up a bit and feel modern.  The lowlights look can be done on long or short hair – it’s also a safer option to go over highlighting gray hair (which can be tricky!).

Go Pixie
It’s always so modern and amazing to see a woman with gray hair opt for the ever stunning pixie haircut.  There’s something about a pixie cut with gray hair that always feels modern and up-to-date.  The great thing about a pixie cut is it creates great layers that show the different silver hues to shine through.  Plus – it’s super easy to take care of (hello, 5-minute hairstyle!).

If you’ve been fighting your gray hair shining through, it’s a great time to start celebrating it!  Gray hair has never been more popular than it is right now (even girls in their 20’s are dying their hair to achieve a silver locked look).  The days of being ashamed to have gray hair are long gone and instead celebrated by others!  As you start to embrace your silver locks, it’s a great time to play around with different hair styles and cuts.  Whether you’re a long haired lady or prefer a shorter cut, gray hair makes a statement and looks incredible no matter what length you choose.

So what do you think about embracing silver locks?  If you’ve been on the fence for a while, will you be giving any of these suggestions a try?

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