Make A Statement in All Black

Woman wearing a black dress

We LOVE our BLACK! And anyone calling herself a fashionista who doesn’t have a nice little volume of black everything in her wardrobe cannot own the title with any authenticity. In its own direct way, black is the one color that goes with every single color, shade and pattern on the entire planet. Matching with black could be done with eyes closed, in abject darkness and blindfolded, and black alone distinctively frames, outlines and boosts any imagery with which it’s put. Many have attempted to substitute dark, shades of dark colors like navy and deep browns, but the eye will simply not have it, and the chasm of a difference between using any other color where black should go is pitiful. Just ask Audrey Hepburn, Johnny Cash, Ashley Olsen, Kiss, Judge Ito, Clint Black, Joan Jett, Charlize Theron, Norma Kamali, Wesley Snipes, Simon Cowell, Kim Kardashian, Sex Pistols’ Siouxsie Sue, Al Pacino, Miranda Kerr, Roy Orbison and Steve Jobs.

All Black is for ALL Seasons
Wearing all one color is a highly effective manner of slimming, and visually reducing one’s size, and when that color is black, this is the reduction taken to the max. So in zipping up those jeans, and noticing a bit of a muffin top, or when you must forego the top button or snap, go all black. If you happen to goof and somehow collide with a color-eating substance, simply whip out your black medium or bold point Sharpie, for an immediate restoration that nobody will recognize. Everyone knows that at some April point, you pack up and put up all the blacks populating your wearables, for safe keeping until the area pools close up shop, kids head back to school and possibilities for pumpkin art begin dancing around in your head–right? Well, somebody tell Coco Chanel, Victoria Beckham, Gigi Hadid, Olivia Palermo, Daisy Lowe, Kendall Jenner and Batman.

Woman wearing a black turtleneck

The Famous Classic Black Turtleneck
Early on, Jobs had formed a close relationship with Japanese designer Issey Miyake, who had inspired the Apple CEO to want uniforms for his employees, and in this light, he subsequently was forever seen donning the “Steve Jobs Black Turtleneck” and jeans. He felt the sameness of his chosen color and form helped identify him and to project a consistent brand image of his own style. When asked about the number totaling his black turtleneck wardrobe, Jobs always quipped, I have enough to last for the rest of my life.” He once asked Miyake to make him some of his classic black turtlenecks, and in response, Jobs literally received hundreds of them. If anyone with as much Mensa brain matter, money and power chose chronic black, there is obviously something awesome about it, and whether you get it on Steve Jobs’ level or not, it’s a color choice that just can’t fail.

The Psychology of Black
In a scientific explanation of black, it is the state in which all color is absorbed, and light is absent. Often associated with reserve and the hidden unknown, all black conveys a certain confident mystery that is compelling to others. Black is regarded as a protective barrier from emotional stress that obscures vulnerability. Individuals dressed in all black appear to truly know what they’re doing and where they’re headed. Monochromatic attiring in black is chic, powerful and impossible to ignore.

Woman wearing red lipstick

The Platform that All Black Offers
For the makeup-loving fashionista, there’s nothing like doing the all-black to cameo more dramatic makeup that contrasts anything resembling a whisper or trace. Vivid strobing and contouring effects sparkle, and while all black attire really rocks bright red lipstick and dramatic brows, it becomes the best neutral canvas, ever, for any makeup color. It showcases your makeup and in an intriguing manner, takes a full backseat to showcase makeup and hair. And you’ll never have to give matching a second thought.

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