Make Pastels Look Modern

Pastel colors were pretty big in the 80’s, and eventually faded away into the abyss of other more exciting trends. Fortunately for some, the pastels of yesterday are making their way back into the beauty scene – and most women couldn’t be happier. Spring is the perfect season to revive this old trend, and Lionesse is here to provide you with tips and ideas as to how you can modernize the look and appearance of pastels.

Woman applying pastel blush on her cheeks.

Pastel Blush – The Right Way
Using a pastel blush should be done in a careful manner so as not to end up looking like a circus clown. Pinks and red oriented hues should be applied to the apple of the cheek area, while peachy colors should be applied to the upper cheek bone area, not the apples of the cheeks to give heat and color.  Pastel yellow colors can be used to simply highlight certain areas of the face that need a bit of oomph. Following this simple rule will ensure you look your absolute best, and this works for any season year round – not just for the spring months.

Pair Pastel Hues with Brighter Colors
Pastels can be used in conjunction with other complementary colors, or paired with colors that would accentuate the beauty of the bright hued pigments that are pastels. When using a blue pastel shadow, why not try adding in a darker, brighter purple shadow for contrasting and to make the eyes really pop? Pastel pink works the same; if applying the pastel to the eyelid, opt for a contrasting bright shade such as a neon blue to accent or work with.

Woman with multicolored pastel nails.

Pastel Nails
Pastel nail colors are perfect for the spring time. Opt for spring like colors such as sky blue, purple hues, pastel pinks, and other subtle pastel colors. You could opt for a pastel French manicure, do a half and half nail style where half one nail is pastel, the other half is metallic or another hue to contrast, or add pastel colored geometric shapes to already painted nails.

Pastels with Metallic Hues
Any time you use a pastel color on your face, a perfect pairing is to apply a metallic hue. For instance, if you were to apply a pastel lip, pair it with a silvery eye shadow to give it that special pop that would accent the entire look and set it off. Metallics pair very well with pastels of any colors; think gold, silver, bronze or copper hues.

Beautiful woman wearing a blue colored eyeliner

Pastel Eyeliner
Pastel eyeliners are making a huge comeback, and they can be seen across the runways for spring fashion shows as well as in nearly every ladies magazine worldwide. Pastel liners look fantastic with a deep, rich black mascara and lightly shaded eye lids. Don’t overdo it in terms of eyeshadow with a pastel liner, but you do want something to make the eyes pop. Opt for a subtle amount of a metallic shadow to enhance the pastel color scheme and make the eyes come alive.

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