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Make These Changes To Your Skin Care Routine

Our skin goes through changes and traumas at different times in our lives. Whether you’ve suffered from burn, gotten a sunburn, or are struggling with skin allergies–it can be difficult to know what adjustments to make to accommodate the changes. Since our skin care routine is such a vital part of our skin’s health and coping with any skin irritations and changes, it’s necessary to make changes accordingly. We’ve come up with some of the common adjustments to make when you experience change, irritation or trauma to your skin to help you out. Yep, it’s time to make these changes to your skin care routine…

Switch to Gentle Products
Anytime your skin goes through a big change or trauma like a burn or allergies, it’s in a pretty stressed out state. That being said, experts suggest opting for skin care products that are very gentle during this time. Changing the products you use to those that are much more gentle will help to keep your skin from becoming more irritated and/or sensitive–something that’s very common when you’re coping with a skin issue. Take a look at the products you’re currently using, if you find that you’re feeling a burning sensation, more irritation or notice redness after using them it’s a sign that they may be too harsh on your skin at this point and you’ll want to switch to something more gentle.

Add More Moisture
So often when people experience a change or trauma in their skin with a burn or allergies, they tend to feel the need to skip the moisturizing step in their skin care routine. The truth is, even when our skin is stressed and in a difficult state it needs moisture. To put it quite frankly–your skin needs moisture to be healthy. In fact, adding more sources of moisture into your skin can be beneficial when dealing with these types of skin care problems. It’s not to say you should be adding gobs and gobs of moisturizing products to your skin, but making it a point to focus on moisture in your skin care routine and using products that are very soothing/moisturizing can be helpful to give you skin the moisture it needs to help heal itself.

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Filter in Treatment Steps
Going about your typical skin care routine is going to help keep your skin healthy while you’re dealing with changes in the skin. However, since your skin is trying to heal itself it’s suggested to give it a boost by adding in a treatment step (or two) that focus solely on whatever skin concern you’re struggling with. There are quite a few different ways you can go about adding a treatment step into your routine, specialty face masks are great for issues you have on your face. When focusing on skin concerns in other parts of your skin, using treatment products and home remedies can be great at getting your skin the extra boost of care and treatment it needs to help heal.

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