Makeup Tips for Almond Shaped Eyes

Woman with almond shaped eyes

The almond eye shape is one that is highly sought after among women.  But regardless of your eye shape, it’s important to work with it, especially with your makeup.  If you’re not sure what almond eyes are think of celebs like Eva Longoria, Mila Kunis and Beyonce.  They all have the almond eye shape, to help give you a visual.  With almond eyes since you naturally have a gorgeous shape, makeup is all about just further enhancing that stunning shape even further.  So we’re breaking down a few of our favorite makeup tips for almond-shaped eyed beauties.

Again, you’re going to want to just further enhance your eye shape and applying eyeliner is a great way to do that.  The cat eye eyeliner look is an amazing way to further enhance your natural shape.  The little swept up aspect of the cat eye is a great way to do that.

Light to Dark
One of the most flattering ways to wear eyeshadow for the almond eyed beauties is to have a lighter eyeshadow color on your lid and adding depth with a dark or medium shade to the outside corner creating a sideways “v” shape.  This will further enhance the natural shape of your eyes and add some depth to them as well.

Line the Lower Lashline 
While not all eye shapes work with eyeliner or eyeshadow on the lower lash line, it’s a great way to further enhance the natural shape of those with an almond shape.  Especially for an evening look, bringing the darker eyeshadow color to your lower lash line is a great way to create that extra pop in a subtle (or dramatic way).

Emphasize the Outside Corner of the Eye
Because of the shape of your eye, with all of your makeup application you’re going to want to bring the most focus to the outside corner of your eye.  This is why the traditional smoky eye and cat eye work so well on this eye shape, they bring the focus to the outside corner of the eye.  It’s a subtle way to create that enhanced look.  Additionally, when applying eyeliner you’re going to want to start with a thin line at the inside corner and work your way to a thicker line as you get closer to the outside corner.

Many makeup experts say that the almond eye shape is actually the most versatile because of its natural shape.  So if you’re an almond-eyed beauty, you’re in luck!  Focus on mostly enhancing your natural eye shape with little touches and techniques like we listed above to help you make the most out of your shape.  Just like with body shapes, we have to work with what we’ve got!  So work your gorgeous eyes and once you start applying these makeup tips, you’re sure to start to notice for yourself just how stunning your natural eye shape truly is.

Do any of these makeup tips surprise you?

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