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Making A Great Impression At The New Year’s Party

The holidays are still rolling, and we’re getting ready to ring in a New Year!  Can you believe it?  Well, regardless of how quickly this year went by you’re probably getting excited to attend a New Year’s party.  Regardless of who you spend New Year’s with, and who’s at the party you attend we’re sure you want to make it a memorable evening.  And of course, you likely want to make a great impression – especially if you’re spending the evening with a new group of people.  We thought we would share some of our tips for making a great impression at the New Year’s party – so you’re sure the night goes off without a hitch.

Focus On Being Approachable
Since New Year’s parties (and any party really) is a social event, to really make a great impression you’re going to want to make sure you’re focusing on being approachable.  It can be intimidating to be in a room full of people when you don’t know everyone there, and that’s often when some of us tense up and while on the inside we’re nervous to outsiders we don’t appear as approachable as we hope for.  Just relax and remember it’s a great time to just have fun with friends old and new.  Watch your body language, avoid crossing your arms or legs and SMILE!  It’s a fun event – so smile and have fun!

Avoid Constant Phone Usage
Listen, we get it…we live in a time where we’re ALL attached to our phones constantly.  But when we’re at a party, being on your phone the entire time isn’t the best way to make a great impression.  Not to mention, being on your phone doesn’t help you to be truly present at the party.  Avoid checking your texts and emails constantly while you’re at the New Year’s party.  Sure, it’s fine to check a couple times, but make an effort to connect with the people that are there at the party with you – the ones you’re chatting with via text/email can catch up with you after the party.  Give your full attention to the peers you’re with presently, and give them eye contact.  It’s a great way to truly connect with other people, let’s be honest – it’s difficult to have a real connection with people when you’re on the phone the entire time.

Pace Yourself
We all know that parties, especially New Year’s parties are often filled with champagne and other alcoholic drinks.  While it’s a great time to enjoy yourself and have a couple of drinks, if you really want to make a great impression it’s important to make sure you pace yourself.  Don’t drink on an empty stomach, as that’s likely to cause you to feel the effects of the alcohol quicker and can leave you not feeling so great.  Be sure to eat, and drink water along with your favorite festive drink.  Avoid drinking too much too quickly and instead ration it out so you can really be present and enjoy yourself while making a great impression.

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