Male Nip & Tuck Is On The Rise

Plastic surgery has traditionally been higher in women than men, however male nip & tuck is on the rise. Investing in a little nip & tuck has been a debate among both genders for quite some time, but at this point it’s not uncommon to know someone who’s had plastic surgery in one way or another. With all the tremendous advancements that have been made in technology, procedures and treatments it’s not too much of a surprise. Gone are the days of women being the primary patients of nip & tuck treatments!

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery recently came out with their stats that show male plastic surgery patients have increased significantly. In fact, the percentage of increase over the past 20 years may shock you. At over 325% increase in male procedures taking place, it’s safe to say that’s a pretty massive percentage in growth. It’s making a pretty big impact on the plastic surgery world, too. Many surgeons are beginning to adjust their marketing and offices to accommodate both men and women patients. They’re focusing on including both genders and making it so the plastic surgery industry isn’t just focusing on women-its equal opportunity!

Botox for men

According to quite a few experts in the plastic surgery industry everything from treatments, to office space, to advertisements for procedures are starting to take a shift to include more men. With the population of males opting for nip & tuck type treatments, they’re working to make sure that they’re including both genders in the entire process.

There’s been such a huge shift in plastic surgery to include more noninvasive treatments and losing a lot of the stigma that once surrounded getting any type of plastic surgery. Interestingly, many of the experts often discuss that while men have been opting to try different treatments and procedures they tend to be eager to stick with noninvasive treatments, and treatments that don’t require as much time including recovery time. Many doctors have found that overall, men tend to have a lower pain tolerance than women so it could be a relationship between their pain tolerance and the types of treatments that are most popular among the male population.

Of course the downside to the rise in male nip & tuck treatments taking place is that men are now being a bit more critical of themselves in an appearance aspect. Women have long been known to criticize themselves and others with pressures from society weighing heavy, some believe these types of pressures are making their way to the male population as well. It’s hard to say exactly where the rise in male plastic surgery procedures is stemming from originally, nonetheless it’s a pretty huge spike in the industry and something that many people are taking note of.

What do you think about the rise in male nip & tuck procedures?

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