Matching Your Makeup To Your Outfit

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You know that feeling when you’re getting ready, have your outfit all picked out and just as you’re about to do your makeup you’re left wondering how to match your makeup?  We’ve been there, we’ve all been there.  It’s always that question of whether to match your makeup to your outfit or go with something more neutral to just compliment it.  Since we know we’ve been in the struggle, we decided to share some tips to matching your makeup to your outfit so you can eliminate the stress and have fun with it yourself!

Don’t Be Too Matchy
One of the biggest misconceptions around matching your makeup to your outfit is that they have to be a PERFECT match (with color), but you really don’t need to get too hung up on that.  In fact, most experts advise against having an exact perfect match in color between your makeup and outfit.  Generally when it’s too perfect of a match it looks a little too much like a costume, and less like a super cute look you put together.  Instead of stressing about finding the perfect color match, look for shades in your makeup that are in a similar color family, with a similar/same undertone but are different actual shades of color.  This will help give you that matching, coordinating look without it being the exact shade.  These factors go for eyeshadows and lip colors, FYI!

Choose A Focal Point
Another common tip among the experts when it comes to matching your makeup and outfit is to pick one area of your makeup/face as the focal point of your look.  If we try to add matching color to our eyes and lips plus our outfit…we’ll be a Little too much there.  Instead either chose your lips or eyes as the focus of your makeup look to coordinate along with your outfit.  This will ensure that you have a gorgeous matching look, but your peers will still see YOU instead of everything you’ve got on.

It Doesn’t Have To Be All Or Nothing
Keep in mind that with makeup and style in general, you don’t have to wear EVERYTHING in order to look great.  If you want to coordinate your makeup to your outfit but you’re not quite comfortable (or feeling) a bold lip or colorful eye, remember you can find other little ways to match your makeup.  Maybe it’s just adding a touch of color to your lower lash line or as eyeliner/above your eyeliner.  There are so many other little ways you can incorporate different colors into your makeup.  Just remember you don’t have to wear it all or none at all, there’s space to have a look that’s in between the two.

Of course, above all make sure you’re staying true to YOUR personal style and what feels right to you.  It can take a little practice with matching your makeup to your outfit, but that’s the fun of it!

What’s your favorite way to match your makeup to your outfit?

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