Meme Costumes

Halloween just weeks, days and minutes away, surely you’ve given your Halloween costume a passing thought or two–but if you have not narrowed down the options to find one you’ll be happy with, now’s the time. Then, you will be able to look forward to Halloween with joyful anticipation, instead of having a “gloom and doom” experience, every time the upcoming holiday is mentioned. Have you been stuck in finding anything you particularly identify with? Have you given any thought to being one of your favorite memes this year?

DIY and Some Friendly Halloween Advice
You can put together all kinds of cool costumes, with a little imagination, some cardboard, a sharp knife or scissors, some duct tape and some time. It’s a lot more fun when you can take full credit for your costume, regardless of its homemade ambiance, too. Everyone at the party (or the houses where you show up–with your kids,) will be impressed. Sidebar–the world is just NOT ready for adults in costumes, roaming from house to house, on a trick or treating mission–no matter how well-intentioned and innocent the intent. So if you want to join in the tradition of Halloween trick or treating, take your kids along, and if you have none, then borrow some from a friend. Just don’t go alone–meme or not.

Darth Vader costume

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Ideas for DIYers
You can take cardboard, duct tape, a hot glue gun armed with of glue, and create a myriad of great meme costumes, like Optimus Prime, or Darth Vader. Make some preliminary drawings and work out the amount of cardboard you’ll need, along with the feasibility of moving well (and safely) while wearing the costume. If there’ll be any dancing, make sure you’ll be able to join in. Underneath, don some opaque black tights and snug-fitting black long sleeved knit shirt or leotard, if you have access to one. Once you have fully assembled your costume, add the proper colors with hot-glued construction paper in the right colors, or use contact paper. Painting is an option, but make sure you have time to let it fully dry, and remember if you use a paint that remains water-soluble (like tempera paint,) things could get messy with very little provocation. What about piecing together two jumbo hashtags, painting them black, and affixing one to your front, and one to your back?

Cool Halloween Memes to Consider
From the Roomba Shark, to the famous Angry Orange, you’ll be surprised at how many ready-to-go memes are already on the shelves as costumes at the major Halloween costumers. You can find a cool Nyan Space Cat Kigurumi costume that is hooded and replete with a large, rainbow tail among the trending Halloween costumes, and it conveniently doubles as really loose, spacious PJs after Halloween is over. They’re big enough to allow you to consume all that Halloween candy and still give you ample room, too! Doge Kabosu Shiba Dog heads are proliferating the Halloween costume choices this year, as are many forms of cosplay, mostly full heads, but many are partial face masks that are easy to move for a bite or sip, as needed. Just shopping among meme costumes is an awesome experience!

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