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Mistakes To Avoid When Getting A Tattoo

If you’ve been thinking of getting a tattoo, you’re in the right place at the right time. The thing about getting tattoos is there are mistakes that can be made during the process. Tattoos are permanent so having all the best information before you proceed further with getting it done is going to help make sure that your tattoo is successful and really turns out to be something you enjoy throughout your life. There’s not much that’s worse than having tattoo regret, is there? Ok, ok we’re rolling out some of the common mistakes to avoid when getting a tattoo.

Choosing Your Artist Based on Price
We understand everyone loves a good deal, and tattoos aren’t cheap to have done. But choosing a tattoo artist based on price isn’t going to set you up for success. You know that old saying ‘you get what you pay for’? That definitely holds true in the tattoo world. You want a tattoo that you’re really proud of and excited about, so instead of choosing your tattoo artist based on having the lowest price switch that mindset to focusing on the artist that has the most skill and creative abilities. Choosing an artist based on their abilities, is going to draw you towards an artist that really is an expert in their art. Don’t forget to look into their reputation, too! Those with great reputations and incredible artist abilities aren’t going to be the cheapest, but they’re definitely going to give you an amazing tattoo.

Not Really Thinking It Through
Ever had that burning urge to just head into the tattoo shop and get whatever tattoo comes to your mind first? Whether you’ve had a long night out with friends and a few too many alcoholic beverages, or you’re just in an impulsive mood pull in the reigns! Making an impulsive decision on a tattoo isn’t something you want to decide without really thinking through. As we mentioned above, tattoos are permanent (ok, there is laser removal but OUCH) and they’re not inexpensive. Before just jumping the gun make sure you’ve really thought things through. As yourself questions and really let the tattoo idea marinate for a while. Do some research on a tattoo artist, look for examples of what you’re thinking, and really think about how you’re going to feel about the tattoo on your body 5-10 years from now (minimum).

Not Considering the Size
Choosing a size for your tattoo can be a major decision to make. Depending on your career, it may be something you don’t want exposed at the office. Whatever your lifestyle, not really thinking through the size of your tattoo is another common mistake. Many people tend to forget to consider the area that they’re getting tattooed in relationship to the size of the tattoo. To create a balance and make sure everything looks right, make sure you really think through the size of the tattoo you’re thinking about getting. Ask the artist what they suggest, and try a temporary tattoo in different sizes in that area to give yourself a better idea.

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