Naked Lashes

Woman with natural makeup

The thing about lashes is women all want long, luscious lashes but we don’t always want to have to apply layers and layers of mascara to get those gorgeous lashes.  We’ve discovered a few easy ways to get your lashes healthy and even style them without even using mascara.  Don’t believe us, do you?  Well, we’re dishing ALL our favorite hacks to getting gorgeous naked lashes because it’s not just for supermodels on the runway anymore.

The Obvious Must-Knows
We’ve heard about taking off our makeup probably tens of thousands of times, but it’s only because it’s really that important to your lash and skin health.  Not fully removing your mascara before hitting the pillow at night can really cause a lot of damage to your natural lashes.  However, you also need to make sure you’re removing your makeup gently.  We’re always in a big hurry to get to bed as quickly as possible, but when we tug and are too rough on removing our makeup (especially around our eyes and lashes) it can cause problems and even rip out our natural lashes if we’re too rough.  So make sure you’re gentle when removing your makeup!   Finally, you’ve probably heard about throwing out your old makeup when it’s expired – but do you actually do it?  This is especially important with mascara since your lashes can be easily affected by mascara that’s gone bad and/or has reached its max.

Getting More Oomph
Even if you have nice lashes naturally, we’re rarely satisfied with what we have naturally and are always looking for ways to get a little extra oomph in our lashes.  This is where serums and lash conditioners come into play.  There are so many options in these products now, it’s really about trying different products to find what works for you, your lashes, and your budget.  Additionally, there have been many women that have reported amazing lash growth results by using lavender and rosemary essential oils to their lash line area (even adding them to their mascaras).  If you’re interested in a more natural approach, the essential oils may be the route for you.  Remember, lash growth and strength isn’t going to happen overnight – stay patient!

Styling Sans Mascara
You’re probably wondering how it’s even possible to style your lashes without the use of mascara.  The easiest and most suggested tip by the makeup gurus is using an eyelash curler!  Lash curlers are really awesome ways to get a little extra, well curl to your natural lashes and open up the eye – even without applying any mascara afterwards!  If you really want an extra little curl and boost to your lashes without applying mascara, warm your eyelash curler with your hairdryer before curling them.  The heat warms up the lash curler and really gets your lashes lifted and curled a lot more.

Of course, adding serums and/or essential oils to get additional lash growth are also great ways to add more  lashes so you don’t have to worry about styling them as much also. What do you like to use to keep your lashes healthy and style them without mascara?

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