Negative Nail Space Ideas

Half Moon Mani with Negative SpaceNegative nail space manicures are hugely popular this season, and it’s no doubt why. They look chic and stylish, are fun to do at home, and don’t really require much skill or time. They also utilize little more than tape of some sort and a polish color or two. Below, check out some of these negative nail space ideas brought to you by Lionesse to use this summer.

Half Moon with Negative Space
The half-moon with negative space look is simple and easy to achieve, no matter how inexperienced you are with creating nail art or designs. All you will need for this look is curved manicure stickers, the kind you would use to achieve French manicure look, and your color of choice as far as nail color is concerned. Simply apply the nail sticker to the bottom of your nail around the white half-moon space at the bottom of your nail and paint the upper portion of your nail with your chosen color. Apply a second coat of paint after the first coat dries. Once the second coat is completely dry, remove the nail stickers, leaving behind a gorgeous half-moon negative space look. Be sure to use a top coat once finished to protect your nail color.

Angled French Manicure with Color Pops
This is a fun, geometric and modernized take on the typical French manicure look of old. What you will need to achieve the look is one nail color of your choosing, and duct tape or scotch tape. Since this will be an angled look, and you can create different angles on each nail, apply a piece of duct tape to each individual nail on each hand, creating an angle on each with at least half of the nail covered in tape. From there, apply two coats of paint to each nail over the exposed portion of fingernail. Allow to dry. Once dry, remove the tape from each nail, leaving behind a cool, modern take on the French manicure look with plenty of open, negative space. Follow up with a top coat to hold your color until you desire a change up.

Two Tone Triangle Look
This simple two-toned triangle look is a fun manicure idea for summer, as you can play up dual summer themed favorites to give you a look you will love for the season. You will need a nude base coat polish, scotch tape to apply to create two stripes running down the center of the nail, shaped into a triangle, and grab your first color. Apply the color to the outer portions of the nail in a triangle form. From there, apply a second coat of the same color. In the middle of the nail, you want to create a second smaller triangle with the other hue. This color could have a bit of sparkle for added effect. Once everything has dried, remove the tape to reveal beautifully painted nails in a two-toned triangle pattern with negative space. Apply a top coat to seal the color in.

Striped Mani with Negative Space
This is a fun idea for a negative space mani. Simply take your favorite color nail polish and two thin pieces of striping tape. Put your two pieces of striping tape horizontally near the bottom of the nail and paint over each nail. Apply a second coat, and then once the polish has dried, remove the tape, revealing negative space. This option looks great with a bold, bright colored polish such as red, coral, turquoise, or black. Seal the look with a good top coat to help your look last all week long.

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