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Nix These Unhealthy Eating Habits

We’re a few weeks into the New Year, and getting into a healthier place may have been one of your goals for the year.  Regardless as to whether your goals to be healthier are related to the new year or not – we could all use a bit more health in our lives.  Many of us get into certain eating habits, many of which we may not even realize aren’t very healthy.  We thought it was the perfect time to share some of the eating habits that you may need to kick to the curb if they’re habits you have yourself.  Yep, it’s time to nix these unhealthy eating habits…

Eating ‘Diet’ Foods
There’s a big misconception in the world around ‘diet’ foods, that is foods that are labeled as being diet or otherwise.  While the concept of food options that help to cut out certain ‘bad’ things sounds great and all, unfortunately it’s been found that many of these types of foods are actually filled with sugar and salt to substitute whatever it is they’re taking out.  They have to replace the ‘missing’ ingredients, with something, after all.  Many nutrition and health experts suggest avoiding eating and consuming too many of these diet foods for that very reason, it’s been found that opting for the original version of the foods is better – just making sure that you cut back on serving size.

Emotional Eating
Let’s face it, many of us tend to head for the snacks and food when we’re stressed or feeling a negative emotion.  For many, emotions are a major factor in when they binge or eat more than they should.  Many experts suggest that really getting a handle on when and WHY you’re eating is essential to your health.  It becomes an unhealthy eating habit when you eat in response to a certain emotion – other than just being hungry.  So instead, try to get into the habit of really thinking about WHY you’re hungry before you eat.  We’re not saying that you can’t eat and enjoy yourself on occasion, but make sure you’re doing so for positive reasons.

The “Too Much” Aspect
When it comes to food, it’s pretty easy to eat too much.  The downside of over indulging on a consistent basis is you’re consuming a LOT of food in one sitting.  It’s important to try to get a handle on your portion sizes when it comes to eating, don’t feel that you have to clean your plate everywhere you go or every time you eat.  Try plating smaller plates for yourself to avoid some of that temptation.  In addition to the too much concept, many experts suggest that consuming too much alcohol is another unhealthy eating/drinking habit many of us fall into.  It’s fine to enjoy a glass or two of your favorite beverage, but it’s important to make sure you’re not over doing it with the alcohol.  Especially if you enjoy liquor, opt for options that are mixed with lower calories than juices to keep calories down.  Overall, make sure you’re keeping a healthy balance of enjoyment but not overindulging.

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