Office Makeup No-No’s

Woman applying makeup at work

Makeup can be a tricky thing.  Too much, too little, what’s ok?  Especially when it comes to the office, you want to maintain professionalism but still look and feel your best.  You’ve likely had a co-worker or two at one point in your working life that you knew wasn’t getting the office makeup right.  But if we’re honest a lot of us probably were that co-worker at one point too.  If you’re struggling to determine what the office makeup no-no’s even are we’re laying them out on the line to help you avoid any makeup don’t at work.

Skip the Glitter
While we love glitter just as much as any girl, it’s not the best choice when it comes to heading into the office.  While it’s perfect for a night out with your girls, it can be way too distracting in a professional setting.  We’re all about embracing and celebrating your personality, but you still want people to notice YOU, not just the makeup.  Especially when it comes to the office, so skip the glitter for work.

Bold Shadows
In addition to the glitter, it’s highly recommended that you skip the super bold colored eyeshadows.  The reasons are the same as the glitter, it can be really distracting in an office setting.  Instead of the bright, bold colors stick with your neutral tones more often.  They’ll help you still be able to express yourself with makeup, but keep it more natural and appropriate for the office.

Clumpy Lashes
While every woman loves a good lash, we all strive to achieve gorgeous full, long lashes.  We can quickly go from gorgeous and natural to clumpy and overdone.  Since we’re in a professional setting, keep it on the natural side.  We’re all about a little glam, but avoid getting to the point where you’ve got clumping happening.  Since we’re in an office setting and we want people to notice us and our work, we don’t want to give them anything that could distract from that.  People look at us when they’re talking to us in the eyes – if our eyes are overdone with clumpy lashes they’ll likely get sidetracked and not even hear what we’re saying!

Overdo It
In general, just don’t overdo it with your makeup.  It’s difficult to know what overdone even is with the contour and highlight craze all around us.  But just remember that natural is great, make sure your makeup is blended well and looks as natural and elegant as possible.  This goes for blush and highlighters as well, keep them subtle and natural so they’re not too distracting for our co-workers.  Remember the point of makeup is to enhance our features, we’ve all gotten a bit carried away at least once in our lives but as you’re getting ready for work think about what you’re using your makeup for.

Sure there are exceptions to everything depending on your office environment, but in general, try to keep these office makeup no-no’s in mind as you get ready for work in the morning.

What office makeup no-no’s have you discovered over the years?

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