Oil Pulling for Detox

oil pulling

Oil pulling has recently gained a lot of momentum in popularity, however, it’s not a new practice at all.  The use of oil pulling is actually an ancient practice!  Basically, when oil pulling is, is pulling oil in your mouth and slushing it around, this practice is said to bring about countless benefits in the human body.  Although it’s a practice that just involves your mouth, it’s actually said to create benefits throughout the entire body.  The biggest benefit(s) of the practice of oil pulling is said to pull out toxins from your body, many people even report seeing the oil used in the process change color as a result of the toxins.

The most common type of oil used in this practice is virgin sesame oil, however, some also will use raw coconut oil for added benefits.  It really is as simple as putting the oil in your mouth and swishing it around, it’s suggested to swish the oil around your mouth for 15-20 minutes.  Once you finish the 15-20 minutes of oil swishing, discard of the oil – very important to NOT swallow the oil.

Because our mouths are known to be filled with a lot of different types of bacteria , viruses and other types of toxins oil pulling has been found to be a tremendous help with eliminating those toxins from the body.  Because oil is actually made up of micro-organisms that have been found to treat many problems in the human body, it’s able to help with many health related problems.  The oil is actually said to draw out toxins from the body, acting as a detox.  The process of oil pulling literally ‘pulls’ out what’s acting as a toxin in the body, making it incredibly effective for people.  There have been countless people who have reported incredible results from using oil pulling as a detox for their bodies.  While there are a lot of oral health benefits, there have also been reports of other health benefits.

Since oil pulling is such an ancient practice, it’s really no surprise that it has been reported to be beneficial to people’s health.  Much like other ancient practices, they’ve said relevant for the reasons that they work!  However, now more than ever before our bodies are exposed to so many different environmental factors and bacteria which is likely why oil pulling has gained a lot of popularity in recent years.  Many people have found various oils work with this process, it seems to really be more about finding what’s doable for you.  The first couple of oil pullings are said to be the most difficult as you’ll quickly realize how long 15-20 minutes really is and your jaw may get fatigued.  Just know that’s normal, and it gets easier as you get used to it.

Since oil pulling is essentially a detox for the body, many say that they notice differences in their oral hygiene/health very quickly.  Have you ever tried oil pulling?  If so what benefits did you notice?

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