Organizing An After-school Workstation

Mother helping child with homework

If you’re a parent to kids, you’ve probably been in prep mode in getting the kids ready to get back to school.  Typically, everyone focuses on getting the kids everything they need for school but kind of forgets to consider any sort of after-school workstation.  Having a designated workstation for the kids to do homework can be really helpful in keeping them organized and focused to actually getting their homework DONE.  Since it’s back to school season, and we know you want to set your kids up for success in the new year we compiled a few tips for organizing an after-school workstation to help you and your kids out!

Deciding On A Location
The first thing that needs to happen when organizing a workstation for your kids, is deciding on a location (if you don’t already have one) for the space.  It’s important that you choose a space that feels comfortable to your child, this way you’re sure it’s a space that they’ll gravitate towards and want to spend time in.  Choosing a room your child dislikes isn’t going to help anyone win here.  It doesn’t necessarily need to be a massive space, but a place where they’ll be able to spread out if necessary and keep everything together.

Create labels And Organization
Once you’ve decided on a location for the workstation, it’s important that you set your child up for success in their new space.  This means having everything as organized as possible.  The use of labels and containers are incredibly helpful for keeping an after-school workstation in check.  Stocking the space with all the supplies they could possibly need, in an organized way is going to create an environment that feels consistent and inviting.  Let’s face it, when everything is a jumbled mess no one wants to be around.  Get your child(ren) involved in the organizing process, too.  This will help to make sure they know where everything goes and helps them to feel like the space is truly theirs.  Let them choose the colors or bins to help them put their own spin on their space – they’re going to be the ones spending all the time there after all!

Keep A Schedule
If we’re honest, we know it’s hard for ANYONE to stay on schedule with things and it’s just as hard (if not harder) for kids growing up.  Setting them up with a schedule and a system to keep all their assignments organized and on schedule is going to be a great way to not only teach them HOW to stay on schedule but also help keep them from feeling too overwhelmed.  Hanging calendars are great ways to keep this organized, and even color coding different activities can help further optimize the organization for them.

Most importantly, make sure it’s a space that’s inviting and unique to your child.  Since they are going to be spending a lot of time in the workstation, making sure it’s a space that makes them feel comfortable is of the utmost importance.

What organizing tips do you have for an after-school workstation?

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