Our Favorite One Piece Swim Suits

One piece swimsuits are making a big comeback this year – and that’s great news for many women. Over the past few years, many designers have taken into consideration the fact that there are a lot of consumers who feel less than adequate with their bodies, or who have areas they aren’t quite comfortable showing off in a two piece swimsuit. With the new innovations in swimwear, there are styles to suit every body type and shape. Lionesse would like to present you with some of our favorite one-piece swimsuit fashions for the summer of 2015.

Woman wearing a monokini swimsuit.

The monokini is one of the season’s hottest one-piece swimsuits. They are a cross between a bikini and a one-piece bikini, and are typically very sexy. Being that it bares more skin than that of a typical one piece bikini, it’s a great option for those who are comfortable with a bikini but want something that’s a bit tied in together. Monokini is the top one-piece swimsuit option this summer.

Woman wearing a tankini swimsuit.

Although not actually one piece, the tankini appears to be a one-piece swimsuit as the top has the look of a tank top with a typical bikini bottom. The tankini fits together with the bottom to give the appearance of a one piece swimsuit. There is plenty of support offered to the breast area with bra-like cups to secure your lady bits in place. The tankini comes in various styles and colors, and is another popular option amongst women this season.

Woman wearing a tonga swimsuit.

Tonga swimsuits are another exceptionally sexy option this season when it comes to the one-piece swimsuit. Although they are one piece, they are usually semi-sheer when wet, and include a thong backside rather than a full coverage swimsuit option. They are also usually high cut, exposing more of the hip area and accentuating the thighs. This is for those who dare to bare it all while wearing a one-piece.

Woman wearing a swimdress and a hat.

A swimdress is one of the more conservative and feminine type one piece swimsuit a woman can wear. The idea behind it is to offer more coverage to the skin, while giving the appearance of a dress, but the swimdress can actually be worn as a bathing suit as it’s all built into one. This is a great option for women who are very self-conscious about their bodies, or who have problem areas they don’t feel are up to par yet.

Woman wearing a one-piece swimsuit and a hat.

Waist Cinching One Pieces
These lovely one piece options are fabulous for those who would like a flatter tummy and more accentuated hips. This option is perfect for those with post-baby bodies, and who have areas they are worried about. There are many patterns, styles, and cuts available. One of the most flattering in this style is the strapless corset type top, as it works well with the waist cinch.

No matter what type of one piece swimsuit you opt for, you should always choose a style that complements you, and you should also keep your particular body type and needs in mind when picking out your swimsuit. Specialty stores do have staff on hand to help you find a style that would suit you well.

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