Our Favorite Taurus Celebrities

Taurus women can be shy yet fierce, or outgoing and fun. The Taurus celebrity either basks in the glow of the limelight, or hides away as much as possible. They generally have outgoing personalities, yet contain a mystery that no one seems to be able to figure out. Today, Lionesse takes a look at some of our favorite Taurus celebrity women, and we share them with you.

Barbra Streisand
A famous jack of all trades, such as actress and the highest selling female recording artist in history, Barbra Streisand was born in the Williamsburg sector of Brooklyn, New York on April 24, 1942. She grew up in a household with hard working parents and attended a Jewish school due to her strong Jewish faith and heritage. At 16 years of age, Barbra left home and began pursuing her desire to become an entertainer by pursuing theater at the behest of her mother, who pleaded with her to stay away from the limelight and the entertainment industry. It wasn’t long before her career took off – and she had since become an actress, photographer, author, singer, songwriter, and a multiple award winner for every facet she has ever worked in. She knew the struggle of being homeless, as she spent almost a year bouncing from place to place during her teenage years, sometimes sleeping on her portable cot in the mean streets of New York. At 72 years old, she is still as beautiful as ever, and has nearly flawless skin. Her determination and desire to succeed has never been impeded, and she never gave up on herself no matter what. This is what makes her a Lionesse favorite Taurus celebrity woman.

Tina Fey
The loveable Elizabeth Stamatina, otherwise known as Tina Fey, is a funny, witty, gorgeous actress, producer, and comedian best known for her role in the hit comedy show, Saturday Night Live. Born on May 18, 1970, Tina Fey is a 44 year old who continues to act, inspire, and pursue her dream. Born in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania, this fiery lady began her acting career in 1997, and has never looked back. She has spiraled into much bigger roles in various movies year after year, and has become a household name throughout America. Her flawless skin and appearance make her one of Lionesse’s favorite Taurus Celebrities, and we hope we will look as youthful and flawless as she does in our 40’s.

Kelly Clarkson
Kelly Clarkson was born April 24, 1982 in Fort Worth, Texas. She is an American singer/songwriter who rose to fame when she auditioned for American Idol, a hit television show where she was chosen as a competitor. for the show, which is televised live across America. She took the title of American Idol where she then scored a recording contract with RCA Records, and has since recorded many albums. Kelly is one of our favorites because she isn’t afraid of hard work, dedication, and loving herself for who she is. She has natural beauty that she accentuates with minimal cosmetic application, and has always stayed true to herself. This makes her a Lionesse Taurus favorite.

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