Over Zealous Tanners May Have Other Addictions

Tanning and being tan has been a long standing trend in the society of the United States. Many of us strive to achieve that ‘healthy glow’ every spring and summer season. However, the past couple of years more and more experts in the skin care industry have stressed the importance of taking care of your skin. Unfortunately, the sun has been found to wreak havoc on our skin and the aging process. Furthermore, experts are finding that over zealous tanners may have other addictions.

The thing about tanning is it’s much like anything else that we think of in terms of addictions. While it’s not often thought of to be addicted to tanning, when it becomes something that you (or someone you know) depends on it begins to walk that line of addiction. Since the introduction of indoor tanning beds, more people have been found to develop an addiction to tanning. However it’s not just those that use tanning beds that can have an addiction. Regardless of the way you may try to get your tan, over doing it is, well…over doing it.

The Yale Cancer Center recently did a little research on tanning and those that are a bit over zealous in their tanning habits and actually found that those that are dependent on tanning are 6 times more likely to develop/have dependence on alcohol. In addition to the increased risk of developing an alcohol dependency, tan dependent individuals were also found to be 3 times more likely to deal with seasonal affective disorder. It doesn’t stop there, though. Because the study also found that those with tan dependency are also found to be 5 times more likely to have an exercise dependency (in an extreme way). Pretty shocking results, right?

They haven’t completely determined what the relationship is between those that are over zealous in their tanning habits and other addictions. It’s said that it could be because those with tan dependency habits are more likely to have addictive personalities, leading them to become more addicted to other substances/habits. Another possible reason is because of the discovery of the relationship between our minds and skin. It’s been found that our mental health is highly impacted by our skin’s health. Regardless of the explanation of WHY those that are over zealous in their tanning habits are more prone to developing other addictions, it’s something to be aware of, at minimum.

Addiction, in any way isn’t something to brush off. Anytime we as humans become too dependent upon habits/substances/etc. it’s important to take note and really focusing on backing off and finding a healthy way of coping with these things before they get out of hand. Even though tanning isn’t looked at in the same way as alcohol when it comes to addiction, it can be incredibly dangerous and something that causes a problem in someone’s life when it’s a constant dependence for them.

Are you surprised to learn that studies have found the relationship between tanning addictions and other addictions?

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