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Packing Your Summer Beauty Bag

When we think of summer we think of freedom, easy, and carefree life. During the warm summer months, most of us tend to spend a lot of time outdoors, enjoying the weather and participating in all the fun activities/events the summer brings. While that’s all fun and games, having an extensive beauty routine doesn’t exactly scream easy and care-free. If you’re a summer traveler, packing your summer beauty bag shouldn’t be something that adds stress and overwhelm to your travel plans. Here are some tips to packing your summer beauty bag to keep your beauty routine easy and carefree during your summer travels.

Embrace SPF
Anytime you’re packing your summer beauty bag, the first thing to focus on is ensuring that you have SPF product on hand. Naturally, during the summer months our skin is exposed to the harsh sun. You want to enjoy the sun, but stay protected so that means embracing SPF and incorporating skin care and makeup products that boost SPF protection in your skin. Packing these items first will ensure that you don’t forget them and have them on hand for all your fun summer traveling.

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Switch Powders For Crème
So often eye shadows, bronzers, highlighters, etc are powder based products. While those are great, during the warm summer months it’s all about creating that healthy glow. Powder products can sometimes be too powdery in the heat, so switch them out for crème based products. Eyeshadows, bronzers and highlighters are perfect in crème formulations. They give you the ability to blend them seamlessly into your skin to create a natural, lightweight glow that’s perfect for the summer. Plus, you don’t need a lot of the crème formulations to create a gorgeous look. Since our skin really needs moisturizing this time of year, many crème formulas help to add that dose of moisture to our skin as well. That means less product, less time but not less in appearance!

Easy-to-Use Removers
Removing your makeup is important on vacation, not just in your typical daily routine. One of our favorite ways to make things easier while you travel is to opt for makeup removing wipes. They minimize the space in your travel bag, and you don’t need additional tools like cotton pads to use with them. Add in your favorite, refreshing makeup removing wipes to make sure you’re removing your makeup during your summer travels without the hassle.

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Incorporate Double-Duty Products
One of the great things about beauty products is so many of them have double duty benefits. Crème blush colors, for example, can be used to create a light color on your lips. Think about the products that you can use for their double duty benefits to slim down the number of products you pack, but not have to sacrifice your beauty look. Start by evaluating your typical beauty routine and use process of elimination to determine how you can use certain products for more than one step.

Do you have any go-to packing tips for your summer beauty bag?

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