Perfectly Coiffed Hair

Woman with beautiful hair

The mention of “perfectly coiffed hair” probably conjures up a perception that there’s some single image out there representing what would be the ideal style that would universally elevate the beauty, style and significance of every woman in the world. Guess what? A big, flat, “NOT” to that one, as in determining the absolute perfection of any coif totally depends on the hair that’s being done. Among the considerations that separate hair types into categories of different style appropriate needs are hair that has been chemically treated, the curl status, the length, whether it’s fine or coarse, think or thin, and, of course, long or short.

The Basics for Everything
There are a few must-have items for every woman, for the best styling support, that all depend on the key aspect of a really good cut, without which it’s like trying to move uphill while pedaling backwards. A good cut can blur the most inept styling ability of anyone. In terms of tools, you don’t want to scrimp on quality because a tool is inexpensive. Cheap heat-styling tools are a good way to ruin the hair you have and they often give out quickly. Make sure your heat-styling tools are top quality with the most hair-loving component materials, and you’ll enjoy better styling. While building your arsenal may take time, a good assembly of styling tool essentials will include:

  • Good blow dryer (see below for types)
  • Standard-sized flat iron
  • Mini flat iron
  • Curling wand tool with an interchangeable variety of barrel sizes–best and preferable over the cost and storage space needed for a bunch of different sizes of curling wands.
  • Quality boar bristle brush. These can run as high as around $200 and more, but less expensive ones are equally suitable, and there are wonderful brush blends with boar bristles and nylon pins you can buy for way less.
  • Round, ceramic thermal brush will speed up your drying time and even eliminate the need for further heat styling for many styles. The best universal size is a 1 inch.

With these products on hand, you’ll enjoy unlimited styling capabilities:

  • Shampoo & Conditioner: The single most benefit you can give your hair is to find the ones most matched to your hair’s needs, particularly for chemically-treated hair. And make sure your hair actually needs a conditioner.
  • Leave-in Conditioner: Helps with detangling and becomes a “primer” for supporting other styling products and improved styling. For hair that’s needing more volume, look for one of these in a mousse base, and formulated with root-lifting capability.
  • Oil: A lightweight, moisturizing oil is beneficial to every hair type, and can add a nice shine, as well. There are many non-oily brands that do not make hair appear or feel greasy and won’t weigh your hair down. Amazingly, a good oil product will reduce the time needed to dry your hair.
  • Heat-Protectant Spray: A heat-styling essential for healthy hair. Look for the kind that doubles as a volume booster and for beachy waving power. These protect your hair from humidity, too.
  • Dry Shampoo: So much more than simply a way to extend the time between shampoos, a good dry shampoo will eliminate those greasy roots and impart a nice clean fragrance to your dirty hair. These add wonderful texture and volume.
  • Flexible Hold Hairspray: A lightweight, flexible coif fixative is the perfect way to secure your work while allowing it to move naturally.

The Heat Styling Tool Breakdown
The following should equip you with knowledge to know what you’re buying in a heated styling tool:

  • Ceramic: Produces even heat to maintain a steady temperature, and gentler on hair than metal plated irons.
  • Tourmaline: Quicker heating, tourmaline is a negative ion-producing mineral that produces smoother cuticles.
  • Chrome: A rather archaic choice for styling tools. Hot-hot, cooks hair and should be avoided.
  • Titanium: The metal component in most higher-end tools. It heats quickly and is lightweight, with smooth, even heat.
  • Gold: Used in the form of 24k gold-plating, produces a lasting heat that can be dependably adjusted to reduce potential damage. Not necessarily better, just because it’s gold.

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