Pinterest Inspired Country Girl Attire

Country girls love to keep things easy and fun.  There’s something so free spirited about country girls and their personal style.  Naturally, we took to Pinterest to get some style inspiration to find out what some favorite country girl looks are right now.  Since Pinterest is easy to get sucked into (where did those 2 hours go?), we did the searching and observing for you and came up with a few key points that seemed to be common themes among the country girl style inspirations.

Woman wearing flannel shirt

Button Down Shirts
Another huge theme among country girl fashion is the use of button down shirts.  Button down shirts in country girl style are seen in all different fabrics and colors, from chambray (i.e. denim) to plaid/flannel looks and everything in between.  There’s something about button down shirts that also just feel casual and easy.  Naturally, a lot of these button down shirts are paired with…you guessed it, denim!  It’s kind of that classic country girl style that’s easy and casual.

Easy flowing dress

Easy dresses 
Aside from jeans and button down shirts easy, free-flowing dresses were all over the place on Pinterest in country girl style.  Probably because dresses are so easy!  One piece and you’re dressed, it doesn’t get much simpler than that.  Most of the dresses in country girl style inspiration tend to be in lighter colors like white and pale blue.  To add an extra country girl twist pair the dress with a denim jacket and boots.  Suddenly you’ve just taken a simple white dress from typical to country girl in an instant.

Woman wearing denim top

Denim, Denim, Denim
It’s only natural country girl style has a huge denim influence.  When you think of the country, you probably think of wearing jeans.  Cruising through Pinterest we noticed a huge denim theme.  Weather it’s denim cut-off shorts or long denim pants – denim is everywhere in country girl style.  It’s no wonder since denim tends to have that more casual vibe to it that we also often associate with the country, and country girls.

Woman wearing boots

We couldn’t mention country girl style without the mention of boots!  Boots and jeans are major influences in country girl style.  Naturally, there are a lot of cowboy boots in country girl style but if you don’t want to go full country even adding an ankle boot that has a touch of fringe or just a solid suede ankle boot is a great way to get that country touch without a cowboy boot.  Pair them with your favorite dresses, jeans, etc. and you’re set to add a little country flair to your look.

There’s something to be said about the ease of country girl style.  Country girls know how to keep things simple and easy, including their style!  Like so many other things country girls are great at, it’s about appreciating the little things like adding a fun pair of boots to your outfit or a pair of great fitting jeans.  Style doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated.  Which of these country girl style inspirations will you try to incorporate into your wardrobe?

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