Planning A Vegetarian Friendly Table

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Whether you’re vegetarian, or you have guests that are, planning a Thanksgiving meal can be a different experience when you’re catering to a vegetarian diet.  Since thanksgiving is traditionally based around turkey and other dishes, it can be tricky to feel inspired to come up with ideas to make a vegetarian Thanksgiving successful.  The good news is there are now plenty of different resources available online and otherwise that offer great ideas for planning a vegetarian-friendly table.  So naturally, we’re going to share some of our favorite tips for helping you accomplish a vegetarian-friendly table like a true pro this year!

Substituting The Turkey
Sure Thanksgiving may be known for the turkey, but that doesn’t mean a vegetarian table has to lack any excitement or goodness.  There are a ton of great turkey substitutes that will leave non-vegetarians jealous.  If you like the idea of the turkey and the traditional aspect of it, there are vegetarian-friendly turkey substitutes that will give you a similar feel to eating turkey, without it actually being turkey.  But if you’re not really into the turkey substitute in that sense, there are plenty of other options.  Some of our favorite ideas are stuffed squash dishes, where you’re getting the filling aspect from adding different sources of protein and squash always feels appropriate for Thanksgiving and fall.  Another favorite we’ve seen is the concept of creating a pot pie, either with just veggies or a meat substitute.  Again, a great dish to add that Fall feel, but a little something different.

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Do Some Research
Because there are some specific dietary guidelines being a vegetarian requires, it’s important to really do some research.  Fortunately, there are some really amazing sources like the Food Network and Pinterest that offer entire sections of recipes dedicated to vegetarian dishes.  More specifically, many of these types of resources also boast vegetarian thanksgiving ideas.  Do your research, start collecting different recipes that you think look appealing – don’t think too much of it while you’re collecting them.  As you start to get a good collection of recipes going start going back and narrowing down the options to those recipes that will really complement one another well.  Really, whatever type of dish you would want to create, you can in a vegetarian-friendly way.  But just like planning any large meal, it’s important to gather a bunch of ideas and then begin narrowing them down to make sure everything works well together.  Of course, as you’re going through the recipes you like best, make sure to do a once over on the ingredients to ensure that they do in fact line up with the vegetarian standards you (or your guests) want to follow.

Make A List
In addition, just like with any larger meal, it’s important to make sure that you make a list of everything you need before you head out shopping.  We suggest starting this process a week or two (or as early as possible) before Thanksgiving so you’re sure to have plenty of time to prep.

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