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Plump Up Your Lips Without Surgery

Having plumper lips is something that so many women aspire to. This is probably why there are so many surgical options to plump lips. But taking to surgery to achieve plumper lips can seem quite drastic, and something that you just may not have an interest in considering. We get it! Fortunately, because so many women around the world aspire to have plump lips there are other options available to us now. We’ve discovered some ways to plump up your lips without surgery and, naturally, we’re sharing them with you to try out for yourself.

Lip Liner
Lip liner is often a forgotten makeup product, but it comes with some pretty incredible benefits when you use it properly. To use lip liner to achieve a more plump lip appearance you’ll want to get your liner in a color that’s very close to your natural lip color or the lip color you’re planning to apply to your lips. Prior to applying any other lip products, apply the lip liner to your lips, focusing on over lining them just a bit. You don’t want to be too dramatic with over lining your lips, it can be too much quite quickly. But when you gently line your lips just outside your natural lip line it creates the illusion of lips that are much plumper than they are naturally.

Add Gloss Strategically
While super glossy lips aren’t a huge trend right now and can be a little much for your everyday makeup look, adding gloss to your lips can create the illusion of fuller looking lips. The key, however is to apply the gloss strategically. In order for your lips to appear plumper with gloss, add just a touch of gloss to the cupids bow area of your lips and the edges/corner of your lips. You can blend it in as needed but applying the gloss to these areas helps to reflect light in the areas that you really want your lips to be plumper. The bonus, of course is that it takes very little effort to apply a little gloss to your lips in these areas.

Stimulate Blood Flow
Another trick that’s been found to create plumper looking lips pretty quickly is by using a toothbrush. Sound odd? Hold on! Using a clean toothbrush (you probably want to use a new toothbrush for this), gently brush the toothbrush over your lips before you apply any lip color/care products. It’s said that using a toothbrush exfoliates, in a sense, and creates more blood flow in your lip area creating a much plumper appearance to your lips. When our lips are lacking a lot of blood flow it’s been found that they don’t have that naturally plump, firm appearance which is why using the toothbrush has been found to yield pretty immediate results. Just remember to be gentle when doing this!

Do you have any tricks you’ve found help to create fuller looking lips?

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