Prepping For Your Fall Skincare Routine

women removing face cream with cotton swab

You’re probably already thought about prepping your wardrobe, rotating your clothes in your clothes, etc. in preparation for fall approaching. But have you thought about prepping for your fall skincare routine? If not, it’s ok you still have time! But it’s definitely something you’re going to want to take some time to prep. You may think it’s just one of those ‘things’ that people talk about changing from season to season, but don’t really HAVE to do. But the truth is, we all need to prep and make some adjustments for our fall skincare.

Re-evaluate your skincare products
As the weather changes, your skin is going to start changing and having different needs. This means your skincare products that you were using all summer long may not be cutting it come fall. Really reevaluate the products you’ve been using and figure out if they’re really what your skin needs for the season. Typically we all tend to lean towards products that are lightweight in the summer, so adding in products that are thicker and creamier can often be better to really cater to the drier climate. Don’t just stop at your facial skincare products, but also make sure you’re considering your body wash and body lotions as well.

Get into a routine
If you’re going to be switching up your skincare products with the fall season, and really getting serious about exfoliating and other special treatment masks you’re going to need to get into a routine. We suggest before you even get started with your new skincare routine and products you decide what days you’re going to be using what special treatments (exfoliating, masques, etc.), and organize your products so that they’re in order of when you apply them as you’re getting ready. It may seem silly, but setting up a schedule before you get started can be a great way for you to actually stick to the schedule and start the fall season with a successful skincare routine.

woman applying face cream

Don’t forget everything else
While we generally think of our skincare routine in regards to our face, we can’t forget about the skin on the rest of our bodies. This means making sure that you’re applying moisturizing products to your hands, feet, body, etc. Don’t skip anything! Another great way to really get serious about your skincare routine, especially with a new season approaching, is to add something like dry brushing or another form of exfoliation to your regular routine. This will be another thing to add to your routine to make sure you really stick to it.

Much like we tend to get new clothes as the new season approaches, it’s not a bad idea to think about investing in new skincare products to start the season off right. This way you’ll know everything is new and you don’t need to worry about wondering if anything is expired or anything. Get into a routine and get ready for great skin this fall season.

What are you going to be prepping for your fall skincare routine?

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