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Prepping Your Skin for Full Coverage Foundation

Do you like wearing full coverage foundation?  Or have you been feeling like you’d like to try it out for yourself?  Foundation is a great makeup product that can give you those flawless results you’re looking for.  While it may seem easy to just apply the foundation to your skin, it’s really all about the prep to help you really get the best results.  Since full coverage foundation is, well… full coverage the skin prep is essential to make sure you don’t end up with cakey looking makeup.  We know it can be intimidating to apply full coverage foundation, so we’re sharing the best tips we’ve found for prepping your skin for full coverage foundation so you can apply it like the pros do!

Exfoliate Your Skin Consistently
You’ve likely heard us talk about the importance of exfoliating your skin, it’s  not something you need to do every day but you do need to be in the routine of exfoliating 2-3 times per week.  It’s a great way to prep your skin as exfoliating helps to eliminate any dead skin cells and oil build up you may have.  This will help you to have a cleaner canvas to start with when you go about applying a full coverage foundation to your skin.

Woman moisturizing

Make Sure Your Skin is Cleansed and Moisturized
In addition to making sure that you’re exfoliating your skin on a consistent basis, a daily prep for your full coverage foundation application is to make sure that your skin is cleansed and moisturized.  Full coverage foundation means more product so you want to ensure that you’re started with clean skin that’s a smooth surface.  Cleanse your skin thoroughly to make sure that you don’t have any oil or dirt build up on your skin.  In addition, you want to make sure that you really give your skin the best moisturizing treatment possible.  Since your skin will be under makeup all day, starting the application process with well moisturized skin is going to help keep your skin looking great all day and avoid any of that dry, flakiness from occurring.  Experts suggest waiting a few minutes after you’ve applied your favorite facial moisturizer to your skin before applying your foundation.  Give your skin a chance to really soak up and absorb all the moisturizer, so that you can really make sure that you’re starting with a well moisturized canvas before taking any further steps for application.

Apply a Primer
Priming products are often forgotten when it comes to makeup application, but to really get that flawless finish with a full coverage foundation you do NOT want to skip this step.  Applying a primer to your face, after your moisturizer has absorbed fully, will help give you a smooth canvas to start with.  We all have ridges and grooves in our skin, but applying a primer helps to fill those in giving you a much more smooth surface to apply foundation to.  This helps to get a more flawless finish and helps to prevent a cakey appearance with a full coverage foundation.

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