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Senior prom happens to hit at a time when most high schoolers are simultaneously enmeshed in the appropriation and disbursement of all their forthcoming college-associated expenses. With many teens now attending more than just their own school prom, the cost adds up even more. Statistics reveal a strong correlation between the lower a household’s income and the more these families spend on prom. The good news is the cost of prom per family is on a downward trend, with the average family spending $1,139 for their teen to attend in 2013, $978 in 2014 and last year–2015, the average was $919. From the standpoint of expense alone, being able to obtain comprehensive info on all the prom particulars is much more than a simple convenience–especially when so much is at stake. Every dollar spent on this night matters.

The Logic Supporting a Prom Expo
With all things considered, a prom expo makes wonderful sense, as a find-all venue where all-things-prom translates into learning, shopping and comparison on many levels for families with a prom in their future. At the same time, a prom expo represents a great way to highlight local businesses that cater to various prom-related aspects

The Business of Prom
The whole process of pre-prom readiness in many ways is bigger than the actual event, and involves a myriad of aspects to be covered that is mind boggling for baby-boomer parents, whose memories typically include a ride in a parent’s car, a dress or tux, a corsage and a curfew. Add to this, the immense pressure on today’s Prom-goers to get everything right, when the worst looming issue their parental Prom-predecessors ever had to contend with was a simpler, generalized awkwardness. Those days–now distant memories–would never have supported today’s thriving prom expo. Fast-forward to today’s growing number of host cities across the nation, who are responding to the need to offer this event at a local level.

What to Expect
There is no hard-and-fast template for any prom expo, and they vary in a number of ways. Some place a strong focus on a community outreach that will enable students who are financially disadvantaged to fully participate, collecting donations or by dedicating percentages of proceeds to that mission. Some concentrate on prom night safety as a major push for attendees, sharing information, tips, suggestions and contact information for local safety and helpful agencies. Some feature specific runways, where all the stunningly gorgeous gowns float down and back in a mouth-watering succession, while others include roving gown-clad models that move about on the floor in the crowds, sharing details and info as requested from attendees. Being able to view these dresses being worn is much preferable to assessing them while they’re on a hanger.

More Than Dresses and Tuxes
The majority of Prom Expos are offered under the umbrella of prom & wedding/ bridal, however, an expo strictly focused on the prom will have what you most need. Ones including weddings tend to go more toward bride and wedding options with less prom focus, as a rule. A well-endowed prom expo will showcase a variety of vendors in the various prom-related categories. The expo should be established as a trusted source for identifying the best, most professional and reliable–and safest businesses to work with. This alone is of huge value to prom-goers and their families. Beyond attire for prom, the expo should provide one-stop shopping, advice and info for all possible needs of the average Prom-attendee, including:

  • Florists
  • Fitness Facilities
  • Hair Salons
  • Nail Salons
  • Full-Beauty Salons & Spas
  • Limo & Bus Companies
  • Cell Phone Companies
  • Retailers of Shoes, Gloves and Purses
  • Retailers of Formal Lingerie, Including Spanx and Stockings
  • Jewelers–Including Custom Jewelers
  • Ideas and Venues for After-Prom Festivities
  • Prom Magazines
  • Modeling Agencies
  • Local Fine Dining Restaurants
  • Dermatologists
  • Personal Trainers
  • Professional Photographers & Videographers
  • Music DJs
  • Comedy Clubs
  • Real Estate Rentals (for facilities and houses/ apartments)
  • Gown Retailers and Rentals
  • Tux Retailers and Rentals
  • Retailers of Menswear (shoes, socks, cummerbunds, vests, bow ties and more)
  • Dry Cleaners
  • Representatives from Makeup and Fragrance Lines
  • Tanning Salons
  • Dance Instructors (up to par on current trending dances, not ballroom)
  • Mini-Classes on Prom Issues of Safety, Alcohol, Etiquette and More
  • All Retailers of Prom-Related Goods & Services Offering Associated Discounts

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