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Quick Beauty Fixes That Work

When it comes to beauty, it’s something that so many women feel like requires a lot of time and energy to accomplish.  But let’s face it…we don’t always want to spend a lot of time to get a little beauty fix action in the mix.  We all want to look and feel our best, but don’t necessarily want to spend hours and hours to make it happen.  The truth is…you don’t have to.  We’re all about getting results, without sacrificing the time (because honestly, who has a ton of time to spare anyways?).  We thought we would let the cat out of the bag and share some of our favorite quick beauty fixes that WORK (because we’re generous like that).

Reduce Redness of a Zit
Doesn’t it seem like zits pop up at the worst possible time?  Ok, ok, there’s never really a GOOD time to be dealing with a breakout.  Sometimes you may be faced with dealing with the redness of a breakout for a few days, and it’s just frustrating.  One of the ultimate quick fixes to get rid of redness in a flash is to actually apply Visine to the area.  It’s been known to take the redness right out!

Add a Glow to Your Skin, In a Pinch
You know that gorgeously glowing skin celebs always have?  We all admire that glow their makeup artists help them achieve, however, we don’t always have the desire to purchase all the necessary products to get that glow.  But, you’re in luck because whether you don’t want to have all the glowing products or you’re in a pinch and just don’t have access to them – there’s another way to get that glowing skin.  Using a sheer, neutral/nude color lip gloss will give you the same effect!  Seriously, just apply the sheer color to the areas you want to have a glow or highlighted and voila!

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Dry Nails Quicker
When it comes to painting your nails, or touching them up it always seems like it takes FOREVER for the polish color to actually dry when you’re limited on time.  Well, you’re in luck, because now you don’t actually have to wait that extensive time to have your nails dry.  Experts suggest letting your nails dry for 2-3 minutes normally, and then actually just dipping them in ice cold water for a few minutes.  Yes, dipping your nails into cold water has actually been found to SPEED UP the drying process.

De-puff Your Eyes
Whatever the cause, waking up to puffy eyes is never fun.  While it always seems like the only way to cover the puffiness is to add concealer or eye creams they don’t always work quite as effectively as we’d like.  One of the quickest ways to de-puff your eyes is to actually use caffeinated tea bags.  First, soak the tea bags in water and then let them rest on your eyes for around 15 minutes.  The caffeine helps to tighten the skin and causes the puffiness to go down pretty rapidly!

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