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9 Quick Beauty Fixes That Work

Got a problem that you need a quick beauty fix for? 

Here are some that actually work…

How to De-Puff Your Eyes

Puffy eyes are never fun to deal with. They can be caused by a variety of different factors, from a lack of sleep to fluid retention. 

Whatever the cause of your puffy eyes may be, you likely want to de-puff as quickly as possible. 

Eye creams can be useful for this, but many formulas do sometimes take a while to work. 

What should you use instead? 

Tea bags are the answer, but you need to make sure that they contain caffeine. 

Fresh tea bag


Because it is the caffeine in these tea bags that will really de-puff your eyes. Caffeine works as a diuretic, meaning that it will reduce any puffiness and swelling pretty quickly. 

How do you actually use the tea bags on your eyes? 

Follow these steps: 

  • Soak the tea bags in water 
  • Remove the tea bags from the water and place them over your eyes 
  • Sit back and relax for 15 minutes 
  • Remove the tea bags and enjoy your de-puffed eyes 

What if you don’t have tea or tea bags?

No problem! Take a look at your eye cream or serum and see if it has caffeine or Coffea Arabica Extract listed as one of the ingredients. Skincare products designed for the eye area, like the Lionesse Amber Eye Cream, typically include caffeine to help reduce puffiness and dark circles.

How to Reduce the Redness of a Zit

Has a zit appeared on your face at the worst possible moment? 

While there might not be much you can do to instantly clear that zit away, you can still reduce its redness, therefore making it so much less visible. 

How do you do this? 

You’ve got a couple of options…

If you’ve got any Visine in the house, this is all you need. 

All you need to do is apply some Visine to a cotton pad, and then dab this over your zit, holding it in place for about a minute. You will notice that the redness seems to instantly die down. 

How does this actually work? 

The Visine temporarily constricts the blood vessels in the skin, which has the effect of reducing redness.

Don’t have any Visine? 

Any anti-redness eye drops will work. 

Another option would be to use a color-correcting product. These are fantastic for camouflaging pimples and other blemishes, but you need to make sure that you use the correct color. Here is a quick guide for that: 

  • Red zits – a green color corrector 
  • Blue/ brown blemishes – an orange color corrector 
  • Purple-toned zits and scars – a pale lemon color corrector 

Simply dab the product over your zit and watch it disappear!

How to Add Instant Glow to Your Skin

Could your skin do with an instant glow? 

All you need is a sheer lip gloss! 

How do you use it? 

You use your finger to dab the gloss over your skin. Try focusing on your cheek bones, as well as the area underneath your brow bone, for an instant glossy lift. 

You could also try using your gloss on your eyelids. This will give your lids the wet look that is so trendy right now. 

If this is something that you think you may be doing on a regular basis, it may be worth purchasing an actual face gloss instead. 

Never heard of a face gloss before? 

They’re relatively new to the beauty world. They come in a tube that looks very similar to lip gloss, but is much more lightweight, almost like an oil. You can put these on the same parts of your face mentioned above, from your cheekbones to your eyelids.

One thing to keep in mind when using either a lip gloss or a face gloss on your skin…

Make sure that you have styled your hair in a way that keeps it out of your face. The last thing you want is for stray, flyaway strands to end up sticking to the gloss on your skin. 

How to Dry Your Nails Faster

Need to paint your nails but don’t have enough time to wait for them to dry? 

There’s a way in which you can speed this up…

All you need to do is fill a bowl with some cold water, and throw in a few ice cubes too. Then, after painting your nails, leave them to air dry for about two minutes. It is important for them to have this time to begin to set. 

After this, submerge your nails into the bowl of cold water. It should only take about two to three minutes for the cold water to harden your nail polish. 

Soaking nails in a bowl of cold water

This beauty fix really does work, but keep in mind that the cold water only really affects the top layer of your polish. The nail polish beneath this will still be soft and tacky. So, although you will still need to be careful that you don’t end up denting your new nails, you won’t have to worry too much about smudges. 

One other thing to do when you don’t have much time to wait for your nail polish to dry is to ensure that the layer of polish you have applied is as thin as possible. This means that by the time you are done with your tenth finger, you rfirst finger should already be dry. This speeds up the process quite significantly, especially when you need to apply more than one coat.

How to Use a Foundation that is the Wrong Shade

Just about everyone who wears foundation has been here at some point. You find what seems like the perfect shade at the store, but, once you bring it home, you realize that the color you have purchased is completely off. 

Of course, you can always exchange this for the correct color, but it is also pretty easy to transform a foundation into the perfect shade. 


All you need to do is mix it with another foundation. If you have a foundation that is too dark, mix it with a lighter one. The same works for a foundation that is too light – mixing it with a darker one can give you the perfect shade. 

You could also try mixing your foundation in with a moisturizer. Although this means that the coverage will be lighter, it does bring down the opacity of a foundation quite a bit. This will help the foundation shade to easily blend into your skin. 

Don’t forget…

When using a foundation, make sure that you also drag this down onto your neck, and blend it in well underneath your jaw. This is always important, but becomes even more so when you are using a foundation that isn’t quite the right color. Dragging it down and blending it in will ensure that the color change is subtle and gradual, making your face look so much more natural.

How to Liquify a Liquid Liner that Has Turned Solid

Has your favorite liquid liner turned solid? 

Don’t worry, you don’t need to throw it out just yet…

Instead, there are a few quick fixes that you can use to turn your eyeliner back into a liquid. 

To begin with, give your liner a good shake. You will likely hear a ball-type object moving about inside. This little ball has been placed into the tube for this exact purpose – it is designed to mix up the liquid liner formula. However, this trick tends to only work for liquid liners that have a brush tip, rather than a pen tip. 

You could also try giving your eyeliner a warm bath. This may sound crazy, but placing your eyeliner into a bowl of hot water can help to encourage the formula to flow once again. Make sure that you place it in the water with its tip facing downwards, and the lid firmly on. 

After a few minutes, remove your liner from the water, give it a shake, and then try to use it. 

If that doesn’t work…

Try opening the back of your liquid liner, so that you can remove the rod within. You will likely need to use a set of tweezers for this, to prevent the ink from staining your hands. Then, dip the end of the rod into some warm water, only for a few seconds. You will notice the rod absorbing the water while you do this. 

Then, blot the rod, place it back into the pen and store it upside down for a bit, so that gravity can work its magic. After this, you should find that your liner is ready to be used again.

Want to know how to prevent your liquid liner from solidifying again in the future? 

Make sure that you are storing it upside down. This will ensure that the nib of your liner remains wet, enabling it to last for so much longer. 

How to Prevent Lipstick from Staining Your Teeth

Ever found an unsightly red smudge over your teeth after applying a lipstick? 

This can be so embarrassing, especially if you only notice it once you are out in public. 

Don’t worry, there is a way to prevent this from happening ever again…

Once you have applied your lipstick, fold up a square of tissue paper and immediately press your lips over the top of this. This will help to blot the color, removing any excess pigment. 

Then, swipe your finger around the inside of your mouth. This will remove any color that may have smudged over onto the inside of your lips. These are the smudges that often end up on your teeth without you realizing it. 

Still finding lipstick stains on your teeth? 

Another quick fix would be to apply a very thin layer of Vaseline to the teeth that usually end up stained. The Vaseline will prevent your lip color from sticking to your teeth.

How to Quickly Remove Deodorant Marks from Clothing

How many times have you applied deodorant before getting dressed, only to find that your deodorant has left marks on your clothing? 

This can be extremely frustrating, especially if you have spent quite a bit of time picking out the perfect outfit. 

Don’t worry, you don’t need to find something else to wear, as there are a few ways in which you can quickly remove these marks, without even having to take your clothing off! 

Here are a few fixes to try: 

  • Using short, quick strokes, rub a dry fabric dryer sheet over the marks. Make sure that the sheet is used rather than new, as new sheets can sometimes leave a white residue behind, especially on darker colored clothing 
  • Use a pair of pantyhose to rub away the deodorant stain 
  • A piece of the foam rubber that comes with dry cleaning hangers can also be used to rub the stain away 

Don’t have any of the above items? 

Simply take your marked clothing and rub its fabric together. This will loosen the debris that your deodorant has left behind, allowing it to be easily brushed away. Be careful if you are doing this with a delicate fabric, as you don’t want to cause any snags or wrinkles. 

If this is something that happens to you quite often…

You may want to purchase a commercial product designed for removing deodorant marks. 

How to Tone Down the Blush

Have you applied too much blush to your face?

Taking all of your makeup off and starting again can be so time-consuming, which is why this beauty fix is so convenient. 

If you have used a powder blush formula…

All you need to do is dust some translucent powder over the top of your blush. This will help to diffuse its color, making it much less visible. 

Woman applying compact translucent powder to cheeks

What about if you have used a cream blush formula? 

Gently dab a very light layer of liquid foundation over the top of this. This should be enough to tone down the extra color. 

It is so easy to make a beauty mistake, especially if you are getting ready in a hurry. Whether you are dealing with puffy eyes, the wrong shade of foundation, or lipstick-stained teeth, these beauty fixes will have you looking picture-perfect again in no time at all. 

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