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Quick Fixes That May Do More Harm Than Good

We all want the quick fix. Whether it’s related to weight loss, beauty or something else…we’re all about quick results. Here at Lionesse we’re all about keeping your beauty routine as easy and stress free as possible. We believe life is stressful enough, and your beauty routine shouldn’t add to that. The downside is some quick fixes we’ve seen floating around online may not be doing you any favors. While they may save you time and money, the long term effect could be damaging. We couldn’t sit back any longer without telling you about some of the common quick fixes that may do more harm than good. So we’ve rounded up a few you’ve probably heard of to give you the truth behind some of these.

Using Hair Spray as Setting Spray
Setting spray is a commonly used beauty product for many women these days. Most large cosmetic companies have their own version of setting spray and it’s designed to help keep your makeup in place all day long. Amazing, right? One of the quick fixes we’ve come across recently is the suggestion to use your traditional hair spray product AS setting spray for your makeup. In theory it sounds great, right? Setting spray is kind of like hair spray for your makeup so why not just use actual hair spray. The problem is hair spray contains alcohol and other ingredients that aren’t great for the skin. Sure they keep your hair style in tact throughout the day, but the ingredients for your hair don’t translate to your skin. Alcohol and some of the other ingredients can be very drying and damaging to the skin. So while it may sound like a great idea…stick to actual setting spray for this one.

At Home Sugar Waxing
Sugar waxing has grown in popularity the past year or so. It’s been a popular waxing method used in countless salons boosting the benefits of it compared to traditional wax. It sounds tasty, right? It definitely can be! But we’ve come across some ladies talking about making their own sugar wax at home with different types of food combinations to get a similar ‘sugar’ wax effect. We’re all about making life easy and doing things the DIY way, but waxing shouldn’t be one of those beauty routines to DIY. Because waxing is the process of removing hair from your body, a lot can go wrong-especially when using ingredients and techniques that aren’t specially formulated for it. Instead of trying to DIY this, head into the salon to have the pros sugar wax you. This way you’ll avoid inflammation and ingrown hair potential.

DIY Charcoal Masks
Charcoal masks have been EVERYWHERE in the beauty world lately, and they have incredible benefits so it’s easy to see why. However, like many other beauty trends there have been a lot of DIY charcoal mask formulas floating around. The problem with a lot of these DIY versions is the combinations that include things like glue can cause a lot more damage to your skin’s surface than it will help. Instead, stick to the pre-made formulas to keep your skin healthy and happy.

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