Scent Choices For Cooler Weather

cinnamon sticks

The cooler weather is officially in effect throughout more of the US now, and the holiday season is kicking off with a real bang.  With the change in weather, comes the change in what we wear, how we do our makeup, our skincare routines, and of course…the scents that we tend to be more drawn too.  There’s something about scent that can really help you feel a certain way, many of us associate different scents with different seasons and occasions.  We’re sharing some of our favorite scent choices for cooler weather to give you some ideas to get your scent choices on point for the cooler weather.

Cinnamon Scents
Another cooler weather classic scent that’s always a go-to for many during the cooler weather months.  Similar to the candy scents, there’s something about cinnamon scented choices that bring a warm feeling anytime you smell them.  They definitely have grown to become known as a winter classic staple scent, and it’s a scent that so many people can enjoy and appreciate – especially this time of year.  You immediately feel like you can get warm, cozy and comfortable when you smell something cinnamon scented.

pine trees

Pine Scents
We couldn’t talk about cooler weather scents without mentioning pine scents.  We all have really learned to associate pine trees and even spruce scented things with the holiday season – which typically takes place during the cooler weather months.  Since we all typically tend to spend a lot more time indoors when the weather gets cooler, bringing some outdoor themed scents indoors is a great way to bring a little nature into the home.  It’s easy to begin to feel a little cabin fever during this time of year, so adding the warm feeling of pine and spruce scents is a fun way to bring some outdoor, indoor but also give you that cozy feeling we so often seek out this time of year.

Candy Scents
While the spring and summer months are typically about the lighter scents, there’s something about the cooler weather that  has many of us are drawn towards scents that have some of that holiday cheer to them.  Nothing says holiday cheer like some holiday scented candy scents.  Some of our favorites have to be candy cane, or caramel scents – they bring a warm, richness to the room (or wherever you’re using the scent) that instantly brings a little bit more spirit into the atmosphere.  And let’s face it, when the weather starts to get cold, we all need a little cheer in us to brighten our day.

vanilla bean

Pumpkin and Vanilla Scents
These are a couple other classic scents that we’re definitely all about during the cooler months.  Naturally, pumpkin is a food group that’s traditionally known to be eaten and used more during the cooler months, so it’s got that seasonal appropriateness to it.  In addition, there’s something really comforting and relaxing about pumpkin.  It has a way of bringing some really great warm feelings into a room.  Vanilla is another classic scent that so many people really enjoy, it’s a scent that can be used year round, but again, it has that warm comforting feeling that so  many of us are looking to create with scent this time of year.

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