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Secrets Of Fresh-Faced Beauties

Ever feel like fresh-faced beauties you’ve seen and know have some sort of secret the rest of us don’t know about? Well…sometimes they do, but sometimes it’s also great makeup application. Achieving that fresh-faced glow is something that starts with a solid and healthy skin care routine, but using the right type of makeup products and color correcting techniques can be the secret you were really looking for. One of the commonly used secrets of fresh-faced beauties comes down to color correcting. You’ve probably seen beauty bloggers using different color concealers in tutorial videos, and it’s with good reason! Color correcting can be incredible at achieving that fresh-faced glow, and we’re sharing some tips to know to make the most of this makeup technique.

Use Green Over Red
If you have any redness is your skin, the best color corrector to use is green. Surprised? Using a green color correcting product UNDER your foundation helps to cancel out, or neutralize rather, the redness in your skin. When applying green color correcting product to redness, you need very little but it can be applied to any areas of the skin that you experience any redness.

Pink Helps to Brighten
Feeling like your skin is lackluster and just a bit dull looking? It’s common, especially if your skin is experiencing some changes. Regardless of the reason behind the skin changes, there’s actually a pretty easy way to use color correcting products to get that fresh faced brightness in an instant. Pink color correcting products have been found to add more brightness to the skin. Again, you want to apply the pink under any foundation products to make the most of the color correcting method. When using pink to add more brightness to the skin (in that fresh faced way), it’s best to apply the color to your chin, cheekbones, temples and the inside corners of your eyes. These are the areas of the skin that tend to look dull so adding the pink helps to create that instant brightness.

Peach for Darkness
Dark under eye circles are a struggle so many women face, and it’s difficult to cover them on your own to get that fresh faced glow. Are you with us? Well you can get rid of that frustration because applying a peach color corrector can be the answer to your struggle. Similar to what green does for redness in the skin, peach color correctors neutralize the darkness in the under eye area. Peach is best for light to medium skin tones, but if you have darker skin color the best option for masking under eye circles and darkness is using yellow in the same way. Just like the other skin concerns, you’ll want to apply the peach color corrector to the under eye area before you apply your foundation to get the best benefit out of the application.

Keep in mind that any  time you’re using color correcting products, you need very little product in order to get the results you’re looking for.

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