Secrets to Smooth Legs

Woman with beautiful legs

It’s summertime and you’re probably in shorts, skirts and dresses most of the season.  Your legs are on display this time of year than the rest, and you’ve probably felt like your legs aren’t quite as smooth as you’d like.  Although if we’re honest we want smooth legs all year round.  We always see our favorite celebs walking the red carpet and they always appear to have the smoothest legs.  So what’s their secret?  Since we all want the secrets to smooth legs we found some great tips that have given many women the results they’re looking for.

Exfoliate Regularly
We always hear about exfoliating the skin on our face, but if we’re honest we don’t really think about the rest of our body.  However, exfoliation isn’t limited to just our face and SHOULD be done on all of our skin.  Especially when you’re looking to get super smooth legs!   Using things like a body scrub and loofah are great, easy ways to get some exfoliation on your legs and can be done in the shower.  Exfoliating your legs (like any other part of your body) gets rid of any dead skin cells and is said to encourage the promotion of new cells – which is why it’s so great for achieving smooth legs.

Shave Properly
Ok, let’s be real… when we shave we’re in a hurry to get it done as quickly as possible and really don’t pay much attention to the little things.  But experts suggest taking your time shaving can have a huge impact on how smooth your legs look and feel.  Often times when we’re rushing to shave we don’t notice any nicks we may end up getting because we’re in a hurry, and we don’t always notice if/when our razors become dull.  It’s really important that you don’t use a dull razor when shaving as it can lead to nicking the skin or razor burn.  And take your time!  Try not to just rush through shaving as quickly as possible, not only is it better for your skin but you’ll be on your way to smoother legs in no time.

Woman moisturizing legs

Similar to exfoliating we always hear about moisturizing in regards to our face but don’t hear much about moisturizing the rest of our body.  But the skin on our legs needs moisturization just as much!  Get in the habit of applying a really great moisturizer to your legs on a regular basis, when your skin is well moisturized it gives your legs that great glow and smooth look.  If you really want to add to the smooth leg look applying a moisturizer with bronzing or shimmer elements can be a really gorgeous way to further enhance your legs.

While there are a ton of products on the market specific to helping you achieve smooth legs, the experts really mention these three secrets  – really getting down to the basics!  The good news is they’re not overly complicated and you can certainly incorporate them into your daily routine easily.

What secrets do you have to smooth legs?

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