Seven Minutes or Less

Woman applying makeup

Ok, we get it.  You want to have glam makeup but you don’t want to spend hours achieving it.  Honestly, we feel you on that – we don’t want to either!  We’ve uncovered some of the best makeup tricks that can leave you with glam makeup in 7 minutes or less.  Because honestly, looking like a true glamor girl shouldn’t and doesn’t have to take hours to apply.  There are a ton of great little touches you can do to add some glam in no time.

Add a Glow
You know how your favorite celebs seem to just glow on the red carpet all the time?  They look so glamorous.  But you can achieve a glamorous glow at home, in minimal time as well!  Just like the eyeliner and lipstick, it’s really just about having the right highlighting product.  Powder or cream highlighters tend to be the easiest to use for most women, especially if you’re a newbie to using those types of products.  But you can just quickly apply the highlighting product to the tops of your cheekbones, under your eyebrows and the inner corners of your eyes.  It adds an instant glow that just radiates glam.  The best part is it doesn’t take a lot of time to actually apply it, the key is just to make sure you blend it thoroughly so that there aren’t any harsh lines on the highlighted area.

Cat eyes

Dramatic Eyeliner
There’s something about a cat eye eyeliner look that adds instant glam to any look.  The eye to achieving this look in minimal time is having the proper products, it’s best and easiest to create a cat eye with liquid or gel liner (plus they last the longest).  The great thing about cat eye liner is that you’re able to make it as bold or subtle as you like.  Once you have the proper products you’ll be able to create it really quickly.

Get Your Lash On
Lashes are another area that can really make a look pop, now we know you may not be into applying falsies every day (especially when you don’t want to spend a lot of time) but you can still get luscious lashes without falsies.  The key is to use an eyelash curler and apply a couple layers of mascara to get the lashes looking extra luscious.

Woman applying red lipstick

Bold Lips
Another go-to for glam makeup is a bold lip.  There’s something that is timelessly glamorous about a bold lip.  Even if you keep the rest of your makeup minimal and easy, adding a bold lip is probably the quickest way to add instant glam to any look.  As long as you have your perfect bold lip color on hand, just take a few seconds to swipe it on your lips and you’re able to run out the door in just a few seconds!  You really can achieve a glam look with lipstick with any lipstick color, so even if you’re not a red lip kind of girl you can choose pink or even orange instead and get the same glamorous look.

Do you have a go-to quick glam makeup tip?

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