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Skin Dehydration – Are You At Risk?

As we begin to welcome summer weather and all the glorious attributes it brings–sunshine, warm temperatures, etc.–we also begin to experience skin changes along the way. Every season gives our skin a different set of obstacles to overcome, but that’s what keeps us on our toes right? We always strive to keep you as educated as possible, especially with skin care related topics. Skin dehydration is a common skin condition during the harsh summer months. Often, people associate skin dehydration with dryness in the skin but it’s actually something entirely different. Skin dehydration is when the skin is lacking enough water (any skin type can become dehydrated), skin dryness is when the skin is lacking enough natural oil. So…skin dehydration-are you at risk? There are 3 common signs that point to skin dehydration:

Sensitivity Levels Increased
Due to the fact that skin that’s dehydrated is lacking enough water, it’s very common for skin to feel and become more sensitive. This is a big sign to look for during the summer months. If you notice that your skin is feeling more sensitive to different products or elements, it could be an indication your skin is dehydrated. Experts suggest if you experience sensitivity in your skin with dehydration, you should switch to products that are much gentler so you don’t cause more stress to the skin.

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Itchy Skin
This time of year, with the sun at its most intense level, it’s easy for our skin to lose a lot of water/moisture. If you’ve ever spent a great deal of time outside in harsh weather elements, you may have noticed your skin felt very itchy afterward. Why? Because your skin became dehydrated and when your skin is lacking the necessary water/moisture, it gives you the itchy sensation. It’s suggested that to help soothe any itchiness you may experience with skin dehydration, you should use moisturizing products that boost hydration benefits to give your skin relief until you balance the dehydration.

Dull, Tired-Looking Skin
Most of us have experienced dull and tired looking skin at some point in our lives. Especially after those nights when you didn’t get enough shut-eye or had a long night out paired with a little too much wine. Regardless, if you notice that your skin looks dull and tired ALL over, it’s said to be another common sign that your skin is dehydrated. One of the best and healthiest ways to help get your skin some hydration and brighten the appearance up quickly is to exfoliate. Exfoliating helps to remove a lot of the dullness on the top layer of our skin, using a gentle exfoliating product will remove what isn’t serving your skin and leave a much fresher face behind. Experts also suggest enlisting the help of an eye cream, since tired skin tends to be more prevalent in the eye area.

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Experiencing any of these common signs? While the tips we shared in each symptom can help to give you more immediate relief, be sure that you’re addressing the overall skin condition of skin dehydration to get your skin healthy.

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