Sparkle with Style

For any fashionista who understands the supreme value of bling, well-placed, there could not be much if any sparkle would ever be truly devoid of style altogether. There’s just something so sumptuous about sparkle in any form—be it glitter, sequins, rhinestones and any of the wildly wonderful metallic fabrics to choose from these days. Sparkle rocks in every form, whether it covers the subject from head to toe, or is placed strategically in a form of artistically-designed vision. A lot of how much sparkle you wear depends on several incidentals, from your personality and mood of the moment, to the occasion and purpose—but these days, we’re all about sparkling 24/7. Any time of day or night, give yourself permission to sparkle and shine!

Model wearing a sequin skirt

Gordana Sermek /

Who’s Been Doing the Shine Best?
From a Red Carpet view, eyes had to do a double-take, when Alicia Vikander showed up bathed in a long-sleeved and perfectly simple form of silhouette, with the perfect details of sparkling splendor, via Louis Vuitton’s awesome color block gown, he designed just for her. And then, there was the ravishing Nicole Kidman, with her trump l’oeil Gucci glam-shine that made us drool. Gaby Hoffmann’s stunning red carpet sheath was not lacking one ounce of sparkle, thanks to her Rachel Comey brand of sparkly shine. Everywhere, flooding the SAG Awards, it would appear to bystanders that the entire theme was about sequins as a style (SAS.) Sequins seemed to effortlessly create a new level of glam, with a number of sparkle accent types. Yes, the world swooned, and then probably dashed out the next day to get their own. This, dear fashionista, is how trends are born.

So What’s Ahead for Spring 2016?
In the interest of creating sparkle in the form of everyday wear in outfitting, the Fashion Week runway featured some impressively must-have mini-dresses with attitude from Carolina Herrera. And who says you can wear all out sparkle for casual wear like Bermuda shorts and even cropped-style pants? Tibi does, that’s who! Sparkly visions and sparkly textures melt together to create a whole sparkle silhouette that includes everyone and says, “Now’s the time! Everyday Sparkle has fully arrived!” And it is truly for everybody.

Woman wearing a sequin top and denim jeans

Find the Ideal Counterbalance
Sequins with denim, sequins with silk. Sequins with rayon and even stretchy fabrics from knit creations. Mild or bold, what’s your sparkle style? Just stick to a few hard and fast rules for shining without a snag, like never go skin-tight, unless your body is completely flawless. And yes, you can pair some slouchy, high-waisted sequin bottom with a basic cotton T-shirt–no problemo. The trick is to do one sparkle, one matte, and sequins work best on more structured apparel that isn’t required to bend and twist as frequently.

Shine More from Below
This year, in a bold new move, there are more bottoms with sparkle, sequins and shine than ever before. Convention has rather misgivingly relegated the bling to the upper half of the torso, but now that we know the deal, there’ll be no going back, forever.

More, More, More
Mix and match your sparkle with purpose, but not with so much reserve. Make it your mission to add a few full-on sparkle items to your wardrobe within the accessory lineup. Two pairs of sparkly shoes–at least one gold or silver, and one color. A few sequin purses will give you just the right “extra.” For that big deal, have the salon affix a few strategically placed rhinestones or sequins among some sparkles on key spots or one nail. Add a few subtle sparkles to your cosmetics, from stick-on bling to the gorgeous shades of glitter shadow. Go all out, but balance, and you’ll rock the shine.

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