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Spring’s Fashion Calls For Structure

The spring season is right around the corner!  We all tend to get a little tired of the winter season around now, but the good news is we’re just weeks away before we get to see some weather changes happening.  Of course, we’re not just going to see the weather changing, but style changing as well!  There’s always that exciting time during the change of seasons where we see new fashion trends hitting the shelves of stores – we love it!  This spring’s fashion, calls for structure, and we thought we’d share a bit about the structure trends you can expect to see this spring season.

Waist Cinching
You’ve probably seen celebs and social media influencers sharing pictures of themselves in the waist cinching product to create more defined waistlines.  It seems as though designers have taken some inspiration from those products because there’s some waist cinching garments that we can expect to see being worn for a fashion trend.  They’re definitely calling for structure with these items.  Ok, before you panic these aren’t those extreme waist cinchers that you’re seeing in posts.  They’re just giving that look of a waist cincher, creating structure around the waist, but being worn with other items that are more free flowing.  It’s definitely a trend we haven’t seen…wait, when have we seen this?  Regardless, we kind of love the structure take with a waist cinching fashion garment for the spring season.

Body Suits
Body suits have definitely been having a moment in the past few months.  You’ve likely seen some of your favorite celebs rocking the body suit trend.  And it doesn’t look like they’re going away anytime soon.  Body suits are going to continue being a major trend this spring season.  The great part about body suits is they add some structure to a look, and a unique edginess to your outfit in a way that a typical shirt just can’t.

Statement Bras
Before you panic, you can totally adapt this trend in different ways.  One of the big trends that was all about structure on the spring 2017 runways, was the use of statement bras worn more as an outfit.  You’re likely going to start seeing bras that have embellishment on them to be worn in a structural way for an outfit this spring season.  Wearing them over another shirt, kind of an inside out look, or otherwise it’s definitely a trend that’s got some major 90’s vibes to it – but it’s kind of fun to see!

Regardless of whether or not you love or hate these structural trends that are going to be big this spring season, it’s always fun to see the new trends that are going to be popular.  We’re always big on incorporating trends when and how you see fit for your own unique personal style.  You don’t have to adapt every trend, and you can adapt them in a way that feels good to you and your style.

Will you be trying out any of these trends this spring season?

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