Staying Healthy When You Live Alone

Live alone?  Then you know it can be difficult at times, especially when it comes to staying healthy.  Cooking for one can sometimes feel like a lot of work for just one person to eat.  Not to mention it can often feel lonely when you’re living by yourself.  We get it, you don’t want to feel isolated or let your health go, but you also probably enjoy the independence of living alone.  We’re all about living alone and embracing your own independence, but we also want you to be healthy.  We’re sharing some tips to staying healthy when you live alone to keep you on track.
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Set  A Routine
It’s so easy to get in the habit of just doing whatever you want, when you want when you live alone.  You’re not really dealing with anyone else’s schedule, but the downside is it can be hard to get motivated when we’re NOT in a routine.  If you’re not already, get yourself into a routine.  Routines are great for getting your workouts in, planning your meals, and even doing other activities.  You’ll feel better, be healthier physically and mentally, and likely feel happier!

Don’t Let Yourself Become Too Isolated
One of the factors that can come into play when living alone is…being alone.  Your mental health is just as important as your physical health, and when you get too isolated it can be a not so great thing for your mental health.  Often times when we get TOO isolated, it can lead to feelings of depression.  It’s important to make sure you’re getting out around people when you can, actually engage with the world outside your four walls.  Getting comfortable with yourself, and learning about yourself can also be a great way to help you from being/feeling alone in a negative way.  This can be anything that helps YOU feel more comfortable with yourself, maybe its journaling or doing certain activities like working out that you enjoy.

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Eat Right!
Like we said, we get it – it can be difficult to cook for one.  But the good news is there are a lot of resources available now that can help you learn how to cook for one person.  Do some research to find a local cooking class, or purchase a cookbook, or even just do some online research.  Cooking for yourself can be a way for you to stay healthy physically, instead of eating out all the time (or eating from a box).  Cooking one meal for one is one task, but we also find a lot of value in planning your meals ahead of time when you live alone.  It allows you to avoid wasting food, energy and money, and also gives you a little more structure (which can go out the door when you live alone).  Also, experimenting with different ways to eat left overs can be helpful to keeping your meals fun and different instead of just eating the same thing all the time – that can get old for anyone.

Do you have tips for staying healthy when you live alone?

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