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Steps To The Perfect Self-Tan

It’s summertime! There’s nothing quite like basking in the warm weather and all the fun activities that come with the summer months. Of course, as adults, we’re not able to spend as much time outside as we did during our childhood to get that natural tan. Not to mention…that natural tan isn’t exactly ideal for anti-aging. Lucky for us, self-tanning products are a real thing and we’re able to get a natural looking glow without stepping foot in the actual sun. Oh, the wonders of the world! Self-tanning products are incredible, but they can also go wrong pretty easily. Hello orangey looking streaks and hands! To ensure that you have a natural look, we’re giving you our steps to the perfect self-tan.

Likely the most common mistake people make when using self-tanning products is NOT exfoliating before applying the product. Exfoliating is essential because it helps to create a much smoother surface on the skin. When your skin hasn’t been exfoliated prior to applying the self-tanner is typically when you end up with blotches and streaks, because the skin’s surface has dead skin cells and isn’t quite smooth enough. Using a dry brush, exfoliating mitt and/or body scrub to get a thorough exfoliation all over your skin is going to give you a solid (or smooth) base to start with to help you get that perfect self-tan.

Moisturize the Tricky Areas Before the Self-Tanning Product
There are certain areas in our body that tend to be quite dry compared to the rest of our body. If you’ve applied self-tanning products in the past you know your hands, feet and elbows (for example) tend to end up with a little too much self-tanning color deposited after application. That’s because those areas aren’t as naturally moisturized, and when applying the product they tend to absorb more than needed. That being said, one of the best ways to avoid this is to actually add moisture to those areas BEFORE applying the self-tanning product. This way those areas will already have some additional moisture and they won’t soak up that extra color leaving them a bit too pigmented.

Apply Strategically
We realize it’s easy to begin applying self-tanning product wherever and however you can get it onto your skin but that’s typically when you end up streaky and blotchy. Instead, start by applying a very small amount of product to your feet and work your way up the body. It’s best that while you’re applying you add the product to your skin in long, vertical motions. To get an even better, and smoother application of product most self-tanning connoisseurs suggest using tanning mitts for application. These are mitts that have been specifically created to apply self-tanning product to your skin’s surface. Because you have the mitt barrier, many find that you get a much more even and smoother application as opposed to using your bare hands.

Finally, don’t put clothes on before the product is fully dry! Using a hair dryer on a cool setting over the areas that tend to hold more moisture can help to speed up the process.

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