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The End Of Summer

Unfortunately, it’s the end of summer now. We know, it’s always a hard pill to swallow when the last few weeks of summer are upon us. But as we say goodbye to one season, we get to welcome a new one. Fall is filled with a lot of exciting and fun activities, too! Of course the biggest adjustment is the change in climate that we experience at the end of summer. You likely notice these changes in your skin. But we want to help make this seasonal transition a bit smoother this year and help you keep your skin on track so we’re sharing some of the changes you should be making to your skin care routine.

Add More Hydration
As we transition from humid, hot weather we begin to welcome cool, dry weather in the fall. This is the time of year many of us begin to experience a lot of dryness in our skin and it’s a direct result of the dryness in the climate. Our skin is highly impacted by the weather we’re experiencing, which is why this is the time of year to adjust your skin care products to those that are much more hydrating. Hydration is key to keeping your skin radiant and glowing throughout this transition. Even if you have oily skin, hydration needs to be a priority this time of year. Adjusting your basic skin care products (cleanser, toner, moisturizer) to options that are focused on hydration is a great place to start to ensure that you’re obtaining enough hydration from all areas in your skin care routine.

Invest in an Oil Infused Serum
With the change in weather our skin tends to go through a lot of stress this time of year. Between the dry climate, cooler temperatures and stronger winds it’s a lot on our skin throughout the day. This is why adding a serum into your routine (if you don’t already have one) is incredibly powerful. Serums are a great way to obtain concentrated doses of vitamins and nutrients that our skin is craving even more during the end of summer period. We suggest adapting a serum to your skin care routine that lists vitamins A and C as ingredients. These types of vitamins are great for replenishing your skin and locking in moisture much better. Additionally, a serum that boosts the benefits of antioxidants is going to give you an even more powerful serum experience.

Exfoliate Regularly
We often share how important exfoliating is to your skin care, and if you’re not already exfoliating regularly now is definitely the time to start. During the summer our skin can be faced with a lot of damage, leaving our skin in need of a little pick me up to get back on track. Exfoliating is a great way to achieve that exact result. Not only that, but exfoliating helps to keep your skin from becoming TOO dry and aggravated. Don’t forget to exfoliate your ENTIRE body though!

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