The Great Outdoors: The Must-Have Coats This Christmas

Women wearing stylish coats

Coats have always served a myriad of purposes. Often, they are absolutely and exclusively worn as a way to conceal a few unwanted pounds. Depending on exactly where you live, coats serve a multitude of purposes, from extreme Outer Adirondack conditions to being extreme catwalk gesturing statements displayed above the most statuesque and lengthy legs traversing NYC runways.

How The Northeasterners Regard Their Coats
In the Northeast, bitter and icy winds are not surprising, and a winter coat in such conditions becomes a best friend, in many ways. This area of the US certainly knows the difference between summer and winter, unlike (OK if you don’t get it, get over it–) Floridians who at the first signs of sub-70 degree weather, they’re pulling out their full winter wardrobes, ski masks, bearskin rugs, blankets, comforters and then cranking up the whole-house heat. Please, don’t blame them–they have just somehow become acclimated to “hot” being their norm. With this in mind, Floridians probably regard their coats with the same intensity as the Nor’easterners. Go Figure.

California and West Coast Coats
Unless a coat is called for in an audition–spanning the entire state of California–you will not see one–well, perhaps one or two made entirely of ostrich feathers–but does that count? As for Oregon and Washington–the state coat of each is the raincoat or the parka, sometimes difficult to remember.

Practically Everyone Else
For the majority of coat-buying Americans who live in the more moderate regions, a winter coat, while certainly intended as a go-to source of warmth for the winter, serves more as a fashion statement, and always will. This in no way diminishes the significance of the winter coat for consumers of any region, but it simply reestablishes its general purpose.

New Coat Technology Bridges the Gaps
Amazing strides have been made to offer coats that transition widely and wonderfully and at the same time are must-have fashion statements. There are amazing advancements being made to help the homeless population to brave the harshest winter elements, which come with sponsorship opportunities to buy a coat for an individual. These coats should remind us of how grateful we can be, as their unique design allows them to seamlessly transition between being a warm enough coat and being a warm enough sleeping bag.

Return to Real–No, Really?
In this spirit, it appears that we’ve gone full circle, from the most recent Peta-fueled kindness to animals pledge to a rather Narcissistic bent on “owning” leather. Leather jackets are back with a vengeance, in every cut, form, shape and color imaginable. Somewhat surprising to those of us who have grown accustomed to the more conventional and somewhat gradual fashion traditions becoming leather-less, and with all of the amazing progress that has been made by leather and fur wannabes, now we’re dispensing with it all and going straight back to the real thing. For you die-hard fans who stand by your commitment to only clothe yourself in plant and chemically-derived materials, there are some amazing winter coats out there that truly rival the most realistic looking real leather, suede and fur.

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