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The Healing Power of H2O

Water is pretty powerful, you hear about drinking water all the time. But do you really know and understand the healing power of H2O? We’ve discussed the importance of drinking water consistently and often throughout your day to help with your hair and skin, but we realize that even though we stress the importance of it many people don’t truly know the power water has on us. It’s so much more than just helping to quench your thirst and give you that gorgeous glow in your skin. Since we’re always talking about the beauty benefits, we thought we would take things a bit deeper to share you the real healing power of H2O.

It’s a Powerful Cleanser
Whether we realize it or not, our bodies have a range of impurities and waste built up. Between the food we eat and the environmental factors we’re exposed to there’s a lot in our bodies that aren’t doing us any favors. You’ve often heard about cleanses with juices and things, but many experts in the health, wellness and beauty industries often stress that water is one of the best cleansing agents we have access to. Even since Greek medicine era, water has been known and believed to be a powerful cleanser for the body. It’s said that water helps to remove and cleanse toxins from the body and really eliminate the things that are caught in your body’s system that shouldn’t be there or aren’t doing your body any good. The best part? It’s probably one of the most natural cleansing agents you’re ever going to find. It is WATER after all.

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It’s Able to Adjust Its Benefits Based on Temperature
Think about it… when you’re exposed or using water that’s hot it has one effect on your body, and then when it’s cold it has a totally different effect. Water is a source that’s able to be adjusted with its benefits just by adjusting the temperature of it. Think about when you have an injury of some kind, when you experience inflammation in your skin/body you’re able to achieve an instant cooling effect that gives a lot of relief to pain in the body. On the flip side, when you’re experiencing muscle tension, hot water can help to relax and calm the area as well. The two different temperatures of the water can really help with varying struggles or issues in the body, but at the end of the day it’s all through the healing power of water.

You probably haven’t thought about water this deeply before, huh? That’s ok! Because it’s such a powerful resource that we have, and is readily available to us we do tend to oversee the real healing power of H2O for what it really is. Our bodies are massively impacted by water, understanding the real healing power of H2O can help you to make better use of those healing powers. That is, if you want to embrace their healing powers!

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