The Right Way To Apply Fragrance

Woman applying perfume

Fragrance is one of those beauty products that almost every woman (and man) wears, but we rarely think about the way that we’re actually applying it.  There’s nothing worse than overdoing it with your fragrance and leaving everyone around you gasping for air because your fragrance is just too much.  On the flip side, you also don’t want your fragrance to go completely unnoticed.  We want that happy medium place where those around us smell something nice, but it doesn’t overpower anything.  So what’s the trick?  Is there a right way to apply fragrance?  Well, there actually is and we’re sharing the tips we’ve discovered to help you!

The Don’ts
While many of us have been told for years to apply fragrance to our chest area, many people are actually finding out applying fragrance to that area of the body can do more harm than good.  Because of the alcohol that’s mixed into the fragrances it can dry out the skin and cause some other problems in the skin, which aren’t the best results for your skin as you age.  So basically, don’t apply fragrance to your delicate chest skin area.

The Secrets to Application
If you’ve been applying fragrance to your chest area you’re probably wondering where on earth you’re supposed to apply it now.  Experts have suggested that spritzing your clothes is a much better option because it gives your chest area a break and when applying fragrance to your clothes it’s been found to actually last much longer in scent and typically isn’t quite as overwhelming of a scent.  Other suggested locations to apply fragrance is to the pulse points in your body.  Many people refer to what Coco Chanel said many years ago about fragrance and applying it to the places you want to be kissed.  The reason that pulse points have been found to be great fragrance application spots is because the blood flow is closest to the surface of your skin in those locations and the warmth of those areas keeps the scent going for a longer period of time.  If you’re not sure what we mean by pulse points they include:  inside of your wrists, behind your ear lobes, neck, inner elbows, and even the back of your knees.  Because these areas are known to help distribute fragrance throughout the day, there’s no need to apply too much fragrance, just a little dab will do you!  One final tip suggested by the fragrance gurus is to apply fragrance when you’re fresh out of the shower, it’s the time when your pores are open and they’ll activate the scent even more beautifully throughout the day.

It’s all about finding the little spots that you like to dab on the fragrance, and of course being careful you’re not applying too much.  Often we get in the habit of thinking more is more, but with fragrance, it’s enough to find a few key places and apply a little to those areas.

Have you discovered a fun way to apply fragrance?

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